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1062: Chinese For Dinner


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Rod and Karen are joined by Donny from Podcast Fandom to recap the Walking Dead. And that was all we talked about the whole show!

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  1. EvieE

    I think if Glenn finds a way out of this, he will not only be an impossible white man, he will be THE impossible white man.

  2. hirojashibe

    I know everyone says if Daryl dies they will “Riot” but since Glen is dead could we have a nice “Interpreted Dance” done in his memory; it might help people deal with the “Feels” on this death and bring some “Closure”* on what happen with this Episode . Have a Great Sat. 🙂

    *Real Health Therapeutic Kind of Closure not #DarthWard kind of Closure.

  3. brandonisbmore

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    Another great review of #DeyWalking. This show was great and so much happened. First I have a theory on if Glenn is dead or alive. I think he is alive because I don’t think that scene was real. Correct me if I’m wrong because I only watched the episode once but I could have swore Glenn and Nicholas ran out of bullets thats why Glenn through his gun away and they never had a chance to reload or they would have kept shooting. I think that was Nicholas hallucinating and that when we cut back they will still be on top of the trash can. Maybe thats crazy but I do kind of want Glenn to be alive.

    Also how good was it that the 3 black people made it. Michonne taking the lead is great to see and you know while rick is gone she going to be the Rick of the group back in Alexandria. I also think the underlying story of this season has been Rick is right and if you are against Rick you die. I think thats going to have a twist in it at some point and someone close to Rick is going to turn on him. A lot of people are thinking its Morgan but I think it will be someone from the original group.

    Next week I think we are going to start to see the ascent of Maggie taking control of Alexandria and where and how Morgan met Master Splinter and developed his ninja skills

    Keep up the great shows its definiatly my favorite podcast and I been trying to put my friends and family on cuz they been looking for a good black podcast.



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