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1067: Reverse Magical Negro


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Rod and Karen are joined by Kriss from Movie Trailer Reviews to recap the Walking Dead and that’s mostly it really.

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  1. Quantum_Medic

    One of the best episodes of Walking Dead. At first I loved Morgan. Then I realized he is just a Donatello version of T-Dog or worse Gabriel. His teacher straight lied to him and was hypocritical as hell. He gave him the philosophy of Aikido without no history, context or common sense. Typical of some white teachers by the way. Excuse me for the following I have get a little Hotep on y’all. The Art of Peace(Aikido) was founded on the principle of Getting Your M.F. Ass whooped, it’s really the Art of Defeat.

    The founder was a member of the genocidal Japanese army who raped and killed many millions Chinese. He trained many officers to kill. The US defeats Japan then the guy decides to preach that Bullshit about peace so he could teach our Navy for profit. Ueshiba is basically the MLK of the martial arts world everybody shits on him and the art in same way.

    The man who taught Morgan is typical of those who teach Aikidio. Like a republican he uses MLK to “teach” us to face brutality without anger or any inclination towards violence. You will definitely get stomped in the real streets or ate in those Zombie Streets thinking like that. That episode was good so I had Hotep flashbacks. Thank you Rod and Karen the love y’all give to is real. I now follow y’all religion with monthly tithes. Premium, Yes Sir.

  2. bamil73

    I hope Morgan lives. I think he will find a balance between saving everybody and killing everybody. When he realizes that white magical negro Miyagi was batshit and hasn’t seen that the world has devolved into baby rapists, crazy killers and gourmet chefs with a taste for people, he may readjust his worldview.

  3. Buddy_Love

    I have a couple things

    Morgan is like that guy who converted to Nation of Islam on the inside then gets out and goes harder than Farrakhan every time you talk to him. Or your coworker who just Went vegan and wants to preach to the whole department about what you’re doing wrong with their diets

    On The Talking Dead they said the guy who played Donatello in the first Ninja turtles movie trained the actors on how to use the bow staff. So technically everybody making jokes about Morgan studying under a Ninja Turtle was right

    Lastly, I’d like to know what your z-pac
    plan would be. I’d grab my boys and try to take over a Walmart

  4. hirojashibe

    Hatin Ass Rod, and His Hatin Ass Ways. Had a nice A Hatin Ass Brigade Of Hate Against #AmericanNinjaMorgan.

    How is the Hatin working out for you, now Rod?

    Look man ,Morgan is just a simple man, trying to recover from being a PSTD Terminator Killing Zombie Mofo and Found Peace With Some White Dude who wanted to make cheese.

    What is there to Hate, Now Rod ?

    Side Note: About that White Dude, are we sure he is Really White?
    Because I though one of the prerequisite in being White , is not only loving cheese, but knowing how to make it, so you can have all those fondue parties every white person thinks they’re first person to ever throw together, but THERE NOT.
    Man talk about having a difficult time being the only POC friend to a white people. In the early ’00s for some strange reason that was a thing .

    In all seriousness, I think Rick is either going to kill Morgan or kick him out of Alexandria for letting the Wolves live, especially that one Wolf Morgan was telling the story to in the episode.
    Have a Great Sat Y’ll.

  5. EvieE

    I’m kind of hoping that Wolf kills Morgan. I’d miss Lenny James as an actor but it feels like Morgan ate that defective chicken from Undercover Brother and now he’s on his All Lives Matter kick. Boy bye.

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