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BDS 127: Steve Kerr Can’t Coach


Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss NFL, Listener feedback, Derrick Rose rape allegations, Master P lies about beating MJ, PETA investigates Dez Bryant, Stevie Williams, Redskins news, Lebron’s prince costume, Serena news, Sam Bradford, Adrian Peterson wants to play until he’s 40, Gerald Green, Trey Watts, Lockette, NFL DOD contracts, Lebron scores 25k points, Lacob, Derrick Rose, Clippers, Soccer drama, we finally sing the damned song, McNabb going to jail, Yusaf Mack and this week in Mamba.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod & J. Carson

    Go ahead and take a lap Rod, the national media is finally catching up with you on #DatZingis! You called it from jump. And y’all got us in Charlotte, but he almost had his first buzzer beater too. Knicks fans needed something to hold onto, now I’m just worried people are going to start overhyping him. But that boy can ball.

    P.S. Saw Kriss dig this up this morning (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/694994-carolina-panther-cam-newton-is-the-worst-nfl-draft-pick-ever). I only get a fraction of the Cam hate from the national media that is going on down there but damn they don’t stop with the dog whistles. Meanwhile, Cam just beat Aaron Rodgers and is still undefeated. And I get Rod’s point about the MVP but I’m just enjoying the ride. Sitting here waiting on 2016 to see where they move the goal post next.

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