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1068: Doritos and Apple Jacks


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. WriterChick

    I love that avi. I need to see it on a tee shirt or coffee mug!

  2. NateHevens

    About my comment on intelligence… Keren said it a lot more succinctly than I could. Sorry for that…

    On a different note… am I alone in getting a Hatin’ Ass Terrel Jones vibe from that “um… Michael” caller?

    • NateHevens

      Um… to clarify… I was apologizing for being so long-winded. Thank you Keren for figuring out what I meant… heh… 😀

  3. Anarke216

    Rod and Queen Kay, Why is this nigga sounding creepy and mono tone on the voicemail. Dont they say “when you come for the King and Queen you best not miss?” Nigga you have struck out! BYE MIKE. *Chill Voice* EAT A BAG A DICKS NIGGA with yo related to Ben Carson Sounding ass.

    I thank yall so much for being understanding and making the jokes. keep doing what yall do. peace and love you guys. Will O

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