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1079: Shear Madness


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Rod and Karen discuss gay news, WWE terrorist threat is not credible, Chipotle, CNN suspends a reporter, armed protesters at mosque, Bernie and Carson go to BET Forum, DC twerking victim speaks, female Viagra, robotic pet cats, Mo’Nique, Nigerian market bombing, Shaun King returns charity money, Reggie’s bar, Trump supporters, woman kills 38 sheep, 911 call on possums, writer assaults teen girl over bad book review and sword ratchetness.


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  1. rdmiller728

    I haven’t tried Patti Pie so I can’t vote. However I did see them for sale on the street in the hood like bootlegs and mix tapes. I

  2. Mayor2010

    Show #1079 Shear Madness

    Cannot believe parents/school would suspend all clubs at Lake Lure over a LGBTQ club.
    Why do some parents believe the best way to protect their children from the world is to shelter them from everything. Parents, have you watched TV lately? LGBTQ representation is all over the place, you best go turn off the TV, the radio, and rap your kids in bubble rap and blindfold them too.

    @JJAD2015 on Twitter

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