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Rod and Karen get a phone call from an idiot, then we discuss a man kicked off Facebook, Patti pies are causing shortage of sweet potatoes, Chief Keef lessons, bakery’s trolling sign, Roanoke mayor on Syrians, Is that your THOT lady sues again, jail phone call records hacked, Canadian judge is horrible in rape trial, #HappyToBleed, racist police chief gets a pass, auto dealers can be racist again, Georgetown stands up to racism, Ben Stein says something racist again, BallerAlert, SD doctor assaulted unconscious women, BB gun in a Wal-Mart, man murders step daughter, cop of the year and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Amani

    I thought I loved your show but I can’t hold a candle to Michael…. err Jermaine. My bad, this week it’s Jermaine. Or was it Tito? This dude is an one man hotep Jackson 5 playing all the hits of MRAs and limited world views. But he still can’t quit your show, it’s too damn good!

    And I’m with Rod on both parts of this Patti pie stuff. She doesn’t really owe him a dime, even if it was shady trying to diminish his credit for starting the craze. It would be great if she decided to work with him on something, but that’s optional, and more about PR like spending Thanksgiving with him. When he made the video there was no way he thought it would blow up like this so he was just looking to entertain people and hopefully get his likes and shares up. That’s happened beyond his wildest dreams so he got what he wanted.

    And I’m still confused why people are in Patti’s pockets for money. It’s not like this is her company and she’s in the kitchen baking these damn pies. If people really think he should get a cut they need to go to Walmart and ask them to come off some paper. Otherwise Karen is about to get rich from Lip Smacking Good!

  2. EvieE

    I think James Wright of Patti Pie fame will be just fine. If Patti or Walmart didn’t agree to pay him before he did that review then they are not obligated to pay him although it would be nice. He’s going to be compensated through You Tube because the video has been viewed by millions, not to mention the several television appearances he made. He can probably stretch these 15 minutes out like Sweet Brown and Antwon Dodson and get some coin from appearances. He also got to have Thanksgiving dinner with Patti LaBelle, so I think he’s been compensated quite a bit so far.

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