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1081: The Jumping The Nick Moment


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Rod and Karen are joined by Mr. Spann of the Spann Report podcast to discuss protesters shot in Minneapolis, a Chicago PD cover up exposed after a year, the man beaten by Trump supporters speaks out, a recap of The Walking Dead, BallerAlert and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Amani

    Love the show and always good to see Mr. Spann on. The craziest thing to me in that NAACP interview you played was the reporter saying “We’re going to wait for concrete evidence, we’re going to wait for this police press conference.” After EVERYTHING that has happened over the last year, that acceptance of police reports as the final word and absolute fact drives me crazy. That you as a journalist still don’t have the intellectual curiosity if nothing else to not take that for granted truly blows my mind.I don’t distrust the police just because I’m Black, but because there’s a fucking mountain of evidence that they will do what it takes to cover their own asses. It’s irresponsible and stupid to ignore that.

    This whole story is exactly why I’m so tired of people saying “It’s just the internet”. You had these racists threatening violence against Black people and we’re just supposed to take that in stride because “It’s just online”. Meanwhile Chicago police finally charged their officer in the Laquan McDonald video after a year because they were terrified of the protests they knew would follow. But you know, it’s just hashtags and twitter activists right?

    P.S. Great #DeyWalking coverage too. I’m still a little disappointed it was Enid who tossed him the bottle and not Sunny from Into The Badlands. Could have been the first Asian Impossible White Man buddy duo.

  2. hirojashibe

    Okay, back from My moment with Adele ready to comment on The Return Of The First Impossible Asian Man Glen and Rob, You pull something from the Way Back Machine “Jeremy” the official theme song for Ron…Pearl Jam,… Pearl Jam ..Son….. At home drawing pictures…{one sec}

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