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BDS 130: Hardy Party


Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss the NFL week 11, listener feedback, Fan Duel getting money, Jameis documentary lawsuit, Ezekial Elliot, Stedman, Jason Hatcher, Marcus Thornton gets beer poured on him, Manziel partying, Case Keenum played through a concussion, DeAngelo Russell, too many bowl games, TO wanna try out for the Pats, Chip Kelly might be fired later, Hardy Party, Randle arrested again, Glory Johnson, Corey White, Marshawn Lynch having surgery, Clifford gets and extension, Towson, Dykstra suing LAPD and this week in Mamba.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Okafor

    Damn, we should have known how bad he wanted out of Philly when that vine came out of him dropping the sixers jersey on the floor. Now I’m not going to pile onto him for doing dumb 19 year old stuff, but it’s one of hell of a week. A speeding ticket, two fights, and getting a knife pulled on you? I’m just waiting for the groupie tale to drop. Then again if I was stuck in Philly losing more than I have my entire life I’d probably be feeling reckless too.

    And be nice to Doughstax, he already had Rod’s fantasy team put Adrian Peterson’s child beating hands on him, then he has to watch the Browns lose in the most Cleveland way possible and now start Austin Davis over Johnny Football. So what if he’s a little emotional and breaks down crying on the radio. Cleveland sports will break anybody. Just look at Lebron this year looking like he aged 10 years and wants to punch everyone on his team. Sure would be nice if he had a good young wing who he could play off of and share the load…

    But I will give props to at least one Ohio team. The funniest part of those Ezekiel Elliott quotes you read last week ripping the Ohio State coaches for not getting him the ball? That was NOT his last game. They made sure to give him his carries this week and he put up 214 yards and 2 touchdowns against Jim Harbaugh and Michigan. And he has a bowl game next month. This kid is averaging damn near 7 yards a carry for his career, so he was right, and he’s getting paid soon. Make that money!

    And did y’all hear my man Robert Flores dropping that tea on SportsCenter about Cam? (http://deadspin.com/robert-flores-says-no-ones-mad-about-travis-kelces-touc-1745282517) Dat fire!! Cam and Steph a combined 31-0 and I’m loving all the hurt! Only other undefeated quarterback in the league is Matt Hasselbeck but I guess the Colts still need to rush Andrew Luck back with his 2-5 record.

    Great show as always, and hope y’all had a good Thanksgiving.

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