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MT 31: Love / Hate Relationship


What would happen if you got a chance to confront a troll? Rod talks to the troll who’s been calling and leaving messages every week.


  1. t.hilla

    Of course he believes in god, Rod the Gawd, his lord and savior. Just from the way he was looking for absolution with all that ‘do you hate me?’ stuff lets me know that he thinks there’s hope that one day you’ll return his love.

  2. uaintgottheansa

    I woke up this morning and found a blessing!!

    Your ability to stay focused while someone is distracting you with nonsense is amazing. You need to teach media training. Not once did you step out of character nor fall into his madness and, you found ways to input tons of hilarious jokes! That is truly amazing Rod.

    I think he was really excited about hearing your voice & being able to talk to you which is not only psychologically disturbing but awkward as hell. He was so happy you picked up! yikes!! I mean gahdamnnnnnnnn! I didn’t know where he stood on ANYTHING. One second he loved you and the next you were a homosexual sodomizing Jew lover. lawdt.

    This show is GOLD. simply gold. But we all know that he’ll be back. “He can’t get enough of daddy!”

  3. Lauren in Pittsburgh

    This man SERIOUSLY needs to clean the pamphlets out of his ears so he can hear your actual words.

  4. CChelle

    Well done Rod. I think old boy just don’t know how to get positive attention. He likely needs some real, thinking friends and you’re his virtual sounding board. He probably used to throw rocks at girls he liked.

    That said, the antisemitism is so bizarre. I really thought that was some Nation of Islam mess, but perhaps I don’t run in the right circles. I pray for that brother.

    You should expect a long explanatory voicemail from him in time. He won’t be able to stay away and will miss you too much.

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