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1084: Grocery Respectability

When Potato Salad Goes Bad

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Rod and Karen discuss black Friday, grocery store politics, Erykah shades Iggy, Monica not playing about her man, Open letter to Aziz, Planned Parenthood shooter, charges against men who shot up protesters, Phuc Dat Bich was a hoax, James Deen accused of assault, BallerAlert, preacher serial rapist, teacher pervert, son stabs parents over fast food and sword ratchetness.

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  1. CallaBeauty

    When I first heard the Facebook name story, I was on the guy’s side. Especially when you mentioned he presented a passport with Phuc Dat Bich on it. I work with one of my company’s team of off-shore developers who are Vietnamese, and there are a few developers with the name of ‘Phuc’. One in particular is named ‘Phuc M. Bui’. Even though the story was a hoax, it’s totally possible to have a combination of Vietnamese names that may look to us, like a hoax. I don’t completely get why Facebook makes a big deal out of names though.

  2. TrevorH

    As a fellow pornnoisseur, this James Deen thing is crazy! Apart from the accusations from multiple women now, the sad thing is other women in the industry defending dude. Lisa Ann said “I can’t understand why a guy that has sex 25 times a month on set would rape anybody ever.” I don’t know how as a woman you can say that, I expect that logic from ignorant men. Like Karen said on the show, “Believe the women!” Besides the whole misconception of rape is committed by a stranger jumping out of a bush, there’s also the only people in “need” of sex commit rape. But there’s a whole power dynamic behind it. I mean Darren Sharper, good looking dude, played in the NFL, I’m pretty sure he had no trouble having consensual sex. Do you think he’s done out here? I don’t know how as woman you’d wanna work with him but then again there’s some defending him.

  3. sugahbabe

    That Guyanese teacher brought back many unpleasant memories. My boobs came on suddenly (in my mind) and they came out swinging. I was stick thin with big boobs and as I teenager I got so many uncomfortable stares, snarky and creepy comments from adults who should have known better. I did everything I could to hide them because at that age, you usually don’t want to have anything that makes you stand out more. He should have been fired. He was absolutely shaming these young ladies for things they have no control over and then blaming them for dressing the way he does.
    He’s a pervert and and tried hiding that behind saying the girls should have dressed differently. Ugh. Slimy.

  4. Cappadonna

    That Guess the Race about the Killer Priest broke my heart, because my wife has plenty ratchet Nigerians from Maryland in her family. I think that negro was my wedding.

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