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1095: Bulletball Redux


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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss Bulletball, the Cosby Show, divorce court clip, a lady who learns to have sex for herself first, Soulja Boy, slave labor being used for shrimp, judge sworn in on Koran, school makes girl remove her shirt, man screams at Black Lives Matter protesters, man terrorizes neighbors, man hangs confederate flag and noose, balleralert, boy set on fire, man tricks boys into sending the nudes, underwear sniffing landlord and sword ratchetness.

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  1. lyricalsoul

    Lol at Soulja Boy saying “how’d you get my number?” Um… It’s an official court document, which is a public record. Smh. He will never be Soulja Man.

    Thanks for the bullet ball explanation. I imagined something way more sinister, since the official weapon is the taser.

    Great show. Love this podcast.


  2. stylenosh

    What a treat to have Justin back. And just when I think Rod is too hard on Justin being ratchet, Justin proves me wrong with every single one of his comments on the shrimp slave labor story. Thanks for the sheer entertainment!

  3. HC

    Every recap, I get something new out of the bulletball video. Its so good. Unlike rod’s stalker friend, I take him at his word that he’s an atheist. But when judgment day comes and we all end up in hell together, the indisputable evidence used to convict us will be our reactions to this video and the video of the blind kid playing football. Thanks a lot, tbgwt.

  4. EvieE

    Thanks for the bullet ball redux. That’s my first time hearing that. That was the saddest and funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

    • Matt

      I agree EvieE, that was pretty sad. I can empathize for the brother for placing all of his chips on the table for his invention. But I also feel that maybe he invested too much of his time towards his dream. None the less, I laughed hard at his responses to those relevant questions from the panel of potential investors.

    • Matt

      If I may go a bit off topic here…. I get the biggest kick listening to you two make an attempt to harmonize on the singing along with the “guess the race” theme song intro bumper music. At the risk of being too forward, that shit be fucked up and I laugh like a melon farmer every time. The dissonance is monumental. Be it intentional or otherwise, keep it up you two. Peace and Happy Holidays.

  5. Matt

    I had to comment on the story of the bulletball inventor. The play by play was too funny. I was on edge when the panel of investors was about to reveal their disappointing decision. Twenty-six years is a long time to invest in a dream. I’m kind of sad for Mark Griffin’s failure but the game sounds kind of wack. I imagine that you guys appreciated his determination but shit changed after he kicked Rod off his Facebook page. I laughed out loud. Thank you for the explanation.

  6. Teresa

    Karen almost made me do a spit take in my office and on my work computer when she said the Bullet Ball table had to be sturdy to hold the dude’s weight because he’s been sleeping on them. *Karen-style* Ha HA!! She’s priceless!

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