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1105: I Poe


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Rod and Karen are joined by Quita and Monique of The Slacker Society Podcast to discuss their origin story, celebs get hacked, Mark Salling, Whole Foods settlement, Islamophobic bacon vandal, Ethan Couch, homophobia in the Facebook group, Bernie Sanders fans piss Rod off, BallerAlert, rapper tricked by cops, woman points gun at cops, paramedic pervert and sword ratchetness.

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  1. stylenosh

    I thoroughly enjoyed this festival of women (and you too Rod in the Alderman Davis voice – shout out Good Times)! Monique and Quita were wonderful additions. Monique’s upbeat approach mixed with Quita’s deadpan quips gave me my life at work. I’ve already added The Slacker Society Podcast to my favorites playlist. Thanks Rod and Karen for always introducing us to other great podcasts!

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