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1106: Chipotle Truther


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Rod and Karen discuss The Cosby Show, hover board priest, new Twitter harassment rules, Shenzhen official commits suicide, Beth Stelling’s brave post, Stickland, NYPD unlawful arrest, Chick Fila fries fight, Secret Service messing up, Chipotle conspiracy, Rahm Emanuel aide gets roughed up, Lebron James on Tamir Rice, pedo teacher, man beats up nephew of pokemon, male prostitute kills a relationship expert and sword ratchetness.

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  1. hirojashibe

    Karen I loved you on the GATSPOD and love nothing more then to hear you nerd out some more, which brings me to my New Resolution for 2016 to become a Premium Member to the show by February , I dont need eat that much, food it is so overrated.

    And Rod there is a Chipolte Conspiracy . Take out the big dog and the rest of the dominions will fall:Veggie Grill,Just Salad, Panera, and any other Health Nut places that gets in the way of having Super Size Fires and bacon on every meal.

  2. Chuck8503

    Pill cosby is putting on a good show with the blind man acting. Lookin like Stevie Wonder getting assisted to court. I really wish the justice system wouldn’t be broken, cause I really don’t think that a jury of his “peers” will indict him. Hope im not wrong, but with all the ppl capin’ for him it’s not looking good

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