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BDS 135: Drunk Deep Sports


Rod and Justin and later Karen discuss Week 16 of the NFL, listener feedback, Lebron James on Tamir Rice, Mark Jackson says Steph is hurting the game, Brown’s players in trouble, Peyton on that HGH, Miko Grimes wilding again, Matt Barnes suspended, Baylor settle sexual assault case, three Clemson players suspended, college football play off ratings down, Chip Kelly fired, Russell Westbrook leads NBA in fines, Trevone Boykin hit a police officer, Reggis Ball, Cam Newton had a son, Oday Aboushi, Cleanthony gets shot, Gilbert Arenas, Jimbo Fisher divorce, William Hayes doesn’t believe in dinosaurs, Eric Weddle fined, Jimmy Butler speaks up, Odell Beckam Jr, Toys R Us mix up, Peyton Manning sex scandal and this week in Mamba.


  1. stylenosh

    This episode of BDS was so good, I listened to it twice! The highlights were Rod talking trash about Steve Smith. The “I waited on him in IHOP” part of the discussion was just wrong. And yet totally funny.

    I agree with Rod’s commentary on how LeBron doesn’t owe anyone anything. I always find it suspect when people try to spend or mess up other people’s money.

    And I’m so glad Karen showed up and gave Justin a big glass of water. There’s no telling what would have happened if Rod and Justin kept drinking!

    And lastly, Go Chiefs!! We started the season 1-5 and then went on to win 9 games straight. The wins weren’t pretty. But they were still wins! I don’t expect my squad to go far in the playoffs but at least we made it. 🙂

    Thanks for the excellent show!!

  2. BlueCat04

    This is funny as shit! I don’t even follow sports. Hilarious!

  3. Selester63

    Happy New Year Balls Deep Crew (Rod, J-Trill & Karen)! Rod & Justin y’all are some drunk motherfuckers…..BDS 135 had me cracking the fuck up as always. I’m an Eagles fan but I hope your Panthers go all the way to super bowl. I guess Jimbo Fisher found out his wife (now Ex-wife) was down with some BBC action….LOL…..I know he was mad as hell. Thanks for my weekly ratchet black sports podcast entertainment. Also Karen did a great job filling in for Justin on BDS 134. Peace.

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