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1114: Hotsauce Speaks!


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Rod and Karen discuss Bobby still locked up, David Bowie died, Sylvester Stallone messes up his speech, Treach is mad at Kanye, Blue Bell, Chipotle, Nicki Minaj goes at Farrah Abraham, Lamarr “Hotsauce” McDow, desk monitor boxes, new NC ultrasound law, Fear The Walking Dead coming back, powerball, KKK leader wants out, Cleveland cop on social media, Katrina Pierson, woman robs disabled man, girl was planning mass shooting and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Wonga_5

    everyone has their blind spots when it comes to things. & like you guys said, you cant know everything. during nerd offs when either of you 2 or a guest start talking about all the different anime you watch, i have no idea whats happening. when you said you didnt know who bowie was i thought youd probably unknowingly know of some of his stuff & as you were reading the article & they mentioned Lets Dance & Labyrinth & stuff you were like ohh yeah. i got mates how dont really know his shit but i mention puff daddy’s been around the world sampled lets dance & vanilla ice got take to court for using bowie & queens under pressure for ice ice baby & theyre like ok cool. also in Guardians of the Galaxy when they are flying in to Knowhere to meet the Collector its a Bowie track playing (i bought the soundtrack hahaha).

    & as usual the show helped get me through the work day, so thanks.

  2. AJtheEngineer

    This “Fuckin with Black people” segment was rough, like usual.

    I hated the end result of that crossbow story but loved the response of the victim’s family. Like you said, I’m tired of black families having to forgive so that everybody else can move on. That dude killed a girl over a bad drug transaction, that’s it. I don’t care if you have black friends and now you “know better”, yo ass should’ve known better way back in 92. I’m glad the victim’s family basically said “fuck your opinions and stay locked up”. I hope that KKK dude dies in that jail.

    Rod you had a great point about the Utah police shooting case, the man was actually trying to help his neighbors and earn a few dollars. What “suspicous” things was he doing? He wasn’t stealing or assaulting, he wasn’t being a bother to anybody. So what the fuck are you calling the police for? I know it’ll never happen but I really wish we could go back and find the people calling 911 over stuff like this. They really need to answer for their actions. Somebody calls 911 and Tamir ends up dead, somebody calls 911 from WalMart and John Crawford ends up dead, a neighbor calls 911 about a pool party and a teenage girl ends up on the ground and her friends being threatened at gunpoint. It drives me insane because not only are these state-sanctioned killings, but they’re initiated sometimes by our neighnors! All these people are dead or hurt due to a fear of black skin but the person who called 911 in the first place continues living their life with no problem. With all this talk about police training and criminal justice reform I really hope some focus is put on initial 911 dispatches because the current way is some bullshit.

  3. Jwan Allen

    What’s up Rod and Karen, now this is odd for me, as I’m leaving a comment prior to actually listening to this episode, since I got to get my Hot take in.

    So my boy hit me up via g-chat to share his astonishment that u didn’t know, fucks with or give a shit about David Bowie.

    My response to said indignation was….”and, so what” …….now my boy just couldn’t comprehend that there was ppl our age that didn’t know Bowie. So I shared a story with him.

    A few years ago, my girlfriend at the time who’s now my wife was chilling with me in my apartment and we were watching Glee. One of the characters started singing this song and my girlfriend started getting misty eyed and started waxing poetic about this particular song. The song was by kiss and it’s called Beth. Now I’m a DJ, and i can nerd out on some music with just about anyone and I’d never heard this shit in my life up until that very moment.

    My girlfriend was shocked that I never heard this song before, since again I’m a DJ, so she pulled up a clip on YouTube. I’ll save you the horror of sending you that link, but let me describe what I saw, I saw this motherfucker in full make-up singing this wack ass ballad to a studio filled of white ppl on american bandstand. To date outside a trump/klan rally this was the whitest shit I’d ever seen in my life. So my girlfriend finished watching the video and as she turned to me looking for some type of acknowledgement of this beautiful moment she thought we were sharing and said to her, ” You know I’m black right?”

    She laughed and said but you’re a DJ, yeah that’s right, I’m good DJ, what in fuck would it look like me playing this wack shit by Kiss. Just because some shit maybe popular or in your purview, doesn’t mean everyone knows it.

    My boy got the hint, and hopefully these fools will get out of your mentions.


    ps. Yeah I watched Glee. Does anyone have a problem with that! 😉

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