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1115: BDS 135: Drunk Deep Sports


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Rod and Justin and later Karen discuss Week 16 of the NFL, listener feedback, Lebron James on Tamir Rice, Mark Jackson says Steph is hurting the game, Brown’s players in trouble, Peyton on that HGH, Miko Grimes wilding again, Matt Barnes suspended, Baylor settle sexual assault case, three Clemson players suspended, college football play off ratings down, Chip Kelly fired, Russell Westbrook leads NBA in fines, Trevone Boykin hit a police officer, Reggis Ball, Cam Newton had a son, Oday Aboushi, Cleanthony gets shot, Gilbert Arenas, Jimbo Fisher divorce, William Hayes doesn’t believe in dinosaurs, Eric Weddle fined, Jimmy Butler speaks up, Odell Beckam Jr, Toys R Us mix up, Peyton Manning sex scandal and this week in Mamba.

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  1. HC

    3 things:
    1) I need to claim my pigskin pickem prize after choking it away in week 17 last year;

    2) this drunken greatness felt like the epic four look episode of years past. Speaking of drunkenness;

    3) rod and Justin probably should take an idea from Pacman Jones and record an apology to Steve Smith and post it on Instagram. Steve seems like the type that would take any and every opportunity to toss someone up in these streets. TBGWT has a wide reach. Though I’d see the humor if he fought y’all without even hearing this episode but turned out to be a Bernie stan seeking revenge.

  2. WriterChick

    The. Best. Episode. Everrrrr!!!!

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