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1116: What’s Wrong With #BlackGirlMagic ?


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Rod and Karen discuss creepy sex dolls, Steven Avery, Ricky Gervais won’t back down, pizza box chemicals, cursing is for smart people, Iran had some sailors, Marie Holmes relationship issues, Eric Garner case, Linda Chavers’ issue with #BlackGirlMagic, BallerAlert and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    If there’s anybody who needs to use the motto “new year, new me” its Marie Holmes. I hate it when people tell others how to use their money, but I got to break my rule this time. If this aint an episode of “As the Hood Turns”. Let’s recap, Marie wins the lottery and bails out her man Hotsauce, great. The nigga doesn’t stop selling drugs despite her new winnings and gets locked up again, and you bail him out again, ok. Now you mean to tell us that after he gets bailed out he goes and fucks other women? Other women that you then pay off so that they stop sleeping with him? Huh? So you gonna go broke paying off other women and bailing out Hotsauce, what in the fuck? Miss Marie, get the fuck out of that town. You got money now, you can pack up and move. Find love elsewhere, leave that aint shit nigga with Nikki and her cousin and those bed sheets. I really believed Hotsauce when he says the cops are targeting him because they know his girl has the money, but now this nigga can’t stop selling drugs or sleeping with other women? I think I finally understand who really won the lottery in this situation.

  2. Teresa

    I heard an interview with a psychologist at University of Toronto, it may be the same one quoted in the article about child sex dolls, and it changed my perspective about pedophiles/child molesters a bit. Please don’t misunderstand, I have no love lost for anyone who abuses children.

    First there IS a distinction between the two. Pedophiles are sexually attracted to prepubescent children and have not necessarily abused a child. Child molesters have ACTUALLY abused a child. Most of what we know about are about child molesters/pedophile who have offended. We know next to nothing about pedophiles who have never offended.

    Psychologists/doctors must report if they find a patient is a pedophile even without having offended. So someone that wants help to not offend cannot get it without being criminalized. You were spot on with your pre-crime joke. This doctor said they had a patient that got caught in a “to Catch a Predator” type sting and was happy because he knew he could get help. He had not offended before that day, perhaps he would’ve if it were a child and not a sting. But they should be able to get help BEFORE they get to that point. Right now it’s not even possible.

    I think we need to remember that if we to keep children safe from being abused/molested we need to change this reactive response to pedophiles so they can seek treatment BEFORE they think of offending. Otherwise we just wait until they do and the children they molest are not spared that horror.

  3. mayabee

    Out of spite towards that woman, I bought a Black Girl Magic just ahead of time of my panel at my university discussing black superheroes and black comic creators for our Civil Rights Conference. Since she thinks we’re Ms. Marvel and Vixen combined, I’m gonna wear my shirt while discussing magical negroes. Thank y’all for the link!

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