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1118: Bacon, Eggs and Injustice


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Rod and Karen discuss babies in the store, Skittles pox, nerd handyman, Chipotle, Iran hostages, black prayer breakfast, meet the Shorts, Rick Ross on 50 Cent, Tichina Arnold exposes her husband’s sextape to his family, NYPD copying fee, Marie Holmes, Type 1 diabetes may get a cure soon, James Deen, Jada Pinkett Smith on #OscarsSoWhite, Waffle House employees, fugitive gives better mug shot to cops and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Will in Toronto

    All I gotta say is “You been scrambled! We been poached! We been over easied!  We been sunny side up and led astray!!!”

    You killed me with that. I’m still laughing.

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    Mentioned it on Balls Deep, but the more I think about the Oscars it reminds me of the problems for Black NFL coaches (or really any other job). As much as they’re are about celebrating and acknowledging the work and it’s insulting to then push Black and brown creatives out of that. These awards are about job opportunities too and seeing that taken away pisses me the fuck off. We’re just supposed to deal with the old boys’ network giving Spielberg a nomination for a movie not even critics cared about, like Mike Shanahan getting interviews for work he did 20 years ago, or listen to the same media that hyped Mad Max from jump as Best Picture now run with #OscarsSoWhite like their newsrooms aren’t just as bad.

    Whether it’s deserved or not, the Oscars are the biggest platform in the industry, not just for the person nominated but it allows them to put more people on. Hue Jackson got hired in Cleveland and brought in three black assistants who were apparently so hard to find for every other coach. Even Tony Dungy’s homopohobic ass ended up winning so much and surrounding himself with talented Blackness that he got three other Black guy Head Coaching jobs from his staff. If we’re adding “Oscar nominee” behind Ryan Coogler’s name all of a sudden people in the industry HAVE TO pay attention to the Black women who are doing his exceptional cinematography and they get a boost and more doors open to them to do what they want.

    Ava Duvernay tells a story about Sundance film festival where she got really excited talking to her fellow nominee Colin Trevorrow both coming off of their first feature films. Ava was excited about getting a studio movie with a much bigger budget which turned out to Selma. Trevorrow kinda sheepishly told her he got a big budget movie too, except his wasn’t a $20 million biopic, but 200 million Jurassic World. And now he’s directing Star Wars: Episode 9. Now shout out to Marvel and Disney, they tried to get her on Black Panther, but it took Selma getting recognized on the Oscar stage, even if half of them hated that she was even there. Another prestigious white award wasn’t even good enough to get her on relatively equal footing with her white counterpart, it took the power of the Academy Awards to force that respect.

    But keep acting like it doesn’t matter when we’re denied the achievements that we’ve fucking earned and it’ll be ok if we just create our own, as if we haven’t been doing that. It’s not about handouts or seeking the white gaze, it’s getting what’s deserved, getting to stand on that stage like anybody else in their field and opening that door for the next person who now sees it’s a reality.

    I could go off on this topic all day but I’m already starting to ramble, just going to listen to Mama’s Gun and get ready for this snow! Hope y’all are staying nice and toasty! And make sure that guac on the side didn’t take you out Thursday Rod.

    With all peace and love,


  3. mayabee

    A thing to note about Mr. Robot is that it is created, wrote, and directed by an Egyptian American man who helped out one of his skinfolks, Rami Malek (who is also Egyptian American), get a lead role. The “they want praise from the white gaze” shit makes no sense when these creators of color, ESPECIALLY black creators, are out here getting their fellow people roles in their shows created by them, regardless if they get recognition from white award shows. The idea that they’re only creating these projects to get appreciate/praise from the white gaze is ridiculous because I believe that people like Ryan Coogler, Ava DuVerney, and F. Gary Gray should get recognition from these systematically fucked up awards because why? If David O’Russell can basically shit out the same tired movie and get Oscar nomination, I believe that Ryan Coogler can too.

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