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1122: White Women Have It The Hardest


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Rod and Karen discuss more Oscars fall out, sexual assault of Spelman women being covered up, shovel vs sword, nun-chuck wife, baby left in car, toddler fight club and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I think the bigger picture about these Oscars is how it opens opportunities up for other actors, directors and producers of color. Diversity is important because entertainment mirrors life. So many white people in this country have never seen a person of color besides what they see on television. I went to college with people who had never seen a black person until they left their raggedy ass little towns. So that’s why representation on television and movies is important. We need to see other stories told besides slave narratives and the minority sidekicks. How we’re viewed in the media is how people view us in real life and oftentimes that can be deadly for people of color.

    By the way, I feel 100 percent fucked with that Matt Damon opened his damn mouth on this subject. I don’t give a damn what he said in favor of diversity. Fuck him. He will forever be on my permanent fuck you list. Now he’s claiming his comments on that program were misrepresented. It was his damn show! He how were they misrepresented. This is one time he should have sat his ass down and just shut up.

  2. Brianna

    Can celebrities just talk through their publicists from now on? I promise it’s not that difficult.

  3. hirojashibe

    Rod my Main Man, I cannot believe you knew about my Boo, my future future Baby Daddy , Black Joe Lewis.
    I have been capping for this man since 2005 when he had a little EP ( Bitch I Love You was on it ) coming out Austin, before being pick up by Lost Highway Records in 2007. A couple years back I was able to see him in concert at one of these very granola festivals and he and the Honeybears as always blew the roof off. Man it was just so amusing seeing all these very white people trying to keep up and just failing.

  4. brandonisbmore

    In regards to the #OscarsSoWhite conversation Stacey Dash and others opinion that “if your the best you should be nominated” is obvious but also stupid. In theory, yes the people who give the best performances should be nominated based on that and not their race, nationality or any other factor like that. In fact I personally would not care if their are categories that don’t have minority representation IF I could trust that the people making these decisions did not have inherit bias against minorities. It is possible that their could be a year where no black person or predominately black movie is “Oscar Worthy” but I would never trust those choices or believe that when I know the people making those choices are for the most part old white men. If the Academy makeup was just for an example 40% white 20% Black 30% Latino and 10% other or any breakdown of different races that is more even then I would be much more likely to trust their votes and say..maybe the choices they made were right. But as long as the Academy has that make up no minority could trust their decisions of being fair or correct. If not to just do the right thing the Academy should change their voters strictly for the reputation of their award. Even if these white people aren’t “Racist” the fact that they are all older and white they cannot relate or understand films that don’t fit into their wheelhouse. Just like I may not be able to relate to a film about a family in a white picked fence neighborhood from the 50’s they may not be able to relate to a film of you black men from Compton becoming rappers. The difference is I know that and I would not come out and say that the actors in the suburban white film “just weren’t good enough” because I didn’t understand I would either get informed or ask others for their opinion to help me judge it the correct way or in the case of the Academy have enough people on the board that would understand it to make up for me not. I don’t expect every voter to relate to and understand every film especially if its outside your culture but I do expect you to make an effort and have a more diverse set of voters who could.

  5. mayabee

    With sexual and physical violence against black women clouding my mind with the newest case being about the beautiful woman who was shot in her chest in Pittsburgh for telling a man no, I can’t take it. As a young black woman, it’s supremely fucked up that black women have to live in a state of “love your abuser/rapist/would-be-murderer” because white supremacy can kill him any day. With the Cosby apologists, hoteps, and just dumb niggas screaming about white supermacy killing the black man, no one informs them that white supremacy didn’t inform you to rape the women that you swear up and down are queens and mothers of the human race, You can’t scream white supremacy when men of Morehouse are raping the women of Spelman, two powerful black institutions in this country. I’m so sorry for rambling, but my heart just hurts and I wanted to get that out.

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