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BDS 139: Tyronn “Little Finger” Lue


Rod and Justin (And much later Karen) discuss the Kanye’s bootyhole, the NFL play offs, did Lebron get Blatt fired, Tyronn Lue, All Star rosters, Blake Griffin broke his hand, man hates the idea of a woman coach, Vince Young, FSU settles, Dez Bryant, Michael Sam, Tyson Fury, cheerleader settlement for Jets, T-wolves, Peyton on them PEDs, Bobbie Kelsey, Frank Kaminsky, Justise Winslow, USC Football, Mizzou President blames BLM, Russell Wilson robo compliments Ciara, Byron Scott fronting for the gram, John Wall, Gilbert Arenas the troll, Rudy Gay may get traded, Chapman charges dropped, Cam Newton’s race and this week in Mamba.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod & J. Manning

    Everybody trying to find ways to call Cam a thug, meanwhile Peyton got goons showing up to reporter’s houses? I know he’s in the pizza business but I didn’t realize he was taking mafia tactics to straighten people out. Y’all better be careful, you two have been telling us he’s taking steroids for a while now, he might send some people down to Charlotte after Cam tunes his ass up.

    And talking about ITWANs, while the media is still hung up on trying to break Cam, this week has been full of them. Y’all see the vine of Gronk humping that woman on Whitlock’s show? (https://vine.co/v/iJtKdEtmbWx) The NFL won’t even let Von Miller do his sack dance, but “loveable” Gronk gets to talk about being a male stripper and grinding on a reporter at a media event.

    And how has Johnny Manziel not been arrested? They sent a damn helicopter to look for his ass, his father admits he can’t even get him into rehab, and this is the second or third time he’s accused of beating his ex. To be fair, I haven’t heard anyone defending Manziel this time, but I also haven’t heard anyone talk about the NFL’s domestic abuse policy. Let alone the police actually doing their job. I still don’t know how they let him get back in the car with his girlfriend the first time when she said he hit her and if they let him slide again they’re just enabling the abuse. I’m just sick of people only caring when it’s a talking point.

    Anyway we got Steph growing out the Malcolm X look at the White House with Obama, paving the way for Cam and Wiggins with 30 back to back games out in LA. My agendas are strong. Black Historyyyyyyyyyy!

  2. Anarke216

    Ummm so I forgot to ask this but, I just heard you on Dat Tea and was reminded. Why does the pregame come out 2 weeks after BDS?

  3. Anarke216

    What’s up Rod and J Manziel,
    Rod heard you and Queen Karen on Know the score and it was great.
    Semi quick Cleveland stuff
    Good Cleveland: Ty is the coach and maybe we can step the game up and put up a real fight against the warriors after that W against the Duncan-less Spurs. After blast was fired the team had another players only meeting with airing of grievances, which I’m sure was mainly Kevin _ove not playing defense.

    Bad Cleveland: nigga’s on the radio once again making my city look bad. As much as I don’t really care for the Browns lately (See our wanna be Jerry Jones, can’t keep people around or give them 3 years, taking advice from homeless people to draft ITWAN Billy, I mean Johnny, my main business was raided by the Feds, horrible owner. Actually all the ownership since 2002 for reasons why) but at least they trying. I mean that can’t be much seeing how the AFC champs have been the same 4 teams or so in since 1995 minus the raiders and Titans. Catching lighting in a bottle wouldn’t help us at this point, we would just be the Bengals at that point. But for real that anchor should’ve been fired for that misogynistic rant. If it were about our new black coach it wouldn’t stand…. Actually now I wanna know what he thinks cause I’m sure he’s racist. He need a finger in his ass and to get milked by his wife. Who I’m sure is pegging him at night and forcing him to be a cuckold. Not that those are bad but he ain’t got now power so he lashed out at work. Also what y’all think about ITWAN Johnny getting the cops called on him again for another issue with his girlfriend?

    Kobe dropping mamba paws over the principle of the money.

    Finally, I’ve been on the Carolina train most of the season cause he is greatness. Being in the navy around loads of white people being made at him makes me smile. All he does is win and they get madder by the week. One of the best things is a guy a work with is a Denver fan and just this week I found out he hates Obama. Not that I’m shocked cause most military people don’t, but he said it out loud so that did it. IVE NEVER WANTED NIGGAS TO WIN SO BAD! I hope they drag Payton worse the Seahawks. If they do in partying on everyone Monday. Also it’d be nice to see Ted Ginn and 3 other Ohio State Buckeyes get rings.

    Sorry for the rant. I wrote this Sunday and now it’s Tuesday and other breaking news I could go on but I won’t. BUT Johnny getting his ass cut! I’m so happy and glad I waited to post this.

    Thanks again niggas peace,
    Will Ozone

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