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1128: Free The McGriddle


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Rod and Karen are joined by Tracy Clayton of Buzzfeed’s Another Round Podcast to discuss working at Buzzfeed, doing interviews, Frederick Douglass, Japanese robot farm, Amber Rose finger toy, McGriddles all day, Kanye tried to cut line, E. Coli outbreak over at Chipotle, Joseph Fiennes, Dewshine deaths, pastor wants MMA fighter struck down by the lord, sex toy bandits and sword ratchetness.

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  1. btouch

    It was so good to hear Tracy on this episode and to see her doing big things with Heben on “Another Round”!

  2. chickeebooboo

    Yawl got TRACY aka @brokiemcpoverty on the SHOW?!?!?!!!!!
    Yawl done made it!
    Mr & Mrs Tips is BIG TIME now!
    Fantastic show! I absolutely enjoyed this episode & can’t wait til next time when u guys can get both Another Round ladies on the show.

  3. WriterChick

    I’m SO glad you guys were able to have Tracy on the show!!!!! I’ve always felt like she and Heben would fit right in with one of your broadcasts.

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