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Rod and Karen discuss Rod’s random thoughts, The Cosby Show, Beyonce at the center of a cultural appropriation debate, Atlah is closing, Ben Carson needs fresh gear, The Petty Wop Brothers, Chipotle still has no answers, Azealia Banks endorses Trump, woman burns and stabs her old man, McDonald’s fat shaming accusation, man arrested with bombs and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I never really understood the entire cultural appropriation argument. I think fashion is universal for the most part. When I see white people wearing cornrows, it doesn’t make me feel one way or another but what I do have a problem with is when those same cornrows are considered trendy and fashion forward on other races and ghetto on black people although that may be two different issues. I hate when the magazines will present black hairstyles on white girls as these new discoveries when we’ve been doing it for years. Give credit where credit is due and maybe some people wouldn’t be so upset about it. But then again, some people get angry over the issue no matter what and who are we to tell someone how to feel about something?

  2. terrance926

    Here’s my take on the conversation about Bill Cosby and his attorney

    First, I think O.J. should have been found guilty; I think Zimmerman should have been found guilty; and I think Cosby is likely guilty of the allegations against him.

    That said; I would not characterize any of the Defense Attorneys or the Prosecutors in these cases as “Pieces of Shit”.

    In America, we have an adversarial justice model – where an aggressive prosecution should be met with an aggressive defense. We cannot have a system where only those defendants, thought to be not guilty, have access to competent defense counsel.

    One need only recall the trial of the Central Park 5. I am certain that the defendants and their defense Attorneys were savaged in the press and in conversations. That is, of course, until those same Defense Attorneys proved that the defendants were, in fact, not guilty of the offenses they were charged with and imprisoned for.


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