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1130: Bernie Bros Before Hoes


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Rod and Karen discuss Subway lying, Palin, Jeb!, Amber Rose and Kim K, Rob and Blac Chyna, Mechelle Epps, MHP was almost attacked, Kevin Hart, the Young Turks defend Bernie, Utah wants to declare porn a health crisis, revenge porn man fakes cancer, couple cages his daughter, sex toy food cart and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Carol Newman (@Plantedearth)

    Oh, you must mean the “3 Dudes and a Token Young Chick Show”. Who wants to listen to some old, dowdy woman and those tired old stories about women’s rights. All young women know that sexism is over and dead just like racism. And women just get bitchier and more shrill with age. This show is nearly identical to Fox News in their treatment and constant criticism of Hillary Clinton. On the other hand, their deification of Bernie Sanders is nearly complete. Yes,Bernie has marginally better numbers against Trump now..Perhaps that is due to the fact that noone on the Right is really focusing on him… yet . Should his team woo, cajol and threaten enough Super Delegates to get the nomination, rest assured that we will be catapoulted back to the days of the Red Scare, and Bernie Sanders will become Commie Bernie.The Turks join the likes of Joe Scarborough in gushing over the vast multitudes he draws as he delivers his Sermon on the Mount describing the rewards that await us in Bernie Heaven. And you must have blind faith and a strong belief in miracles if you think these programs have a chance of getting through Congress in its present incarnation..

  2. vcthree

    Regarding the whole “Bernie Bros” saga with the Young Turks: it’s not that they didn’t want to know–they knew all this was going on for months, when it was happening to so many Black (and Latino) people online–it’s that they don’t care. To so many of these folks, it’s all a sport.

    So many “progressive media” outlets are in the tank for Sanders’ campaign, and they all think they have influence on how this primary election is going to play out, that they have deceived themselves into believing that this is 2008, and Sanders is Obama.

    Of course they would have a direct investment in denying Bernie Bros exist: anything that would make Sanders appear to be less than saintly is covered up. Yet, let this have been supporters of Trump, Ted Cruz, or any other Republican, and you’d have half-written articles with tweet after tweet in them, saying “See how fucked up the Conservatives are?”

    I also note how the Young Turks, which is headed by a dude, trots out a woman to tell their audience that the BernieBro doesn’t exist, while the dude(s) chuckle in the background. But as I say, “Y’all got it.”

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