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BDS 140: Clinton Portis Is Good For It


Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss the Super Bowl, listener feedback, Johnny Manziel fucking up, Greg Hardy won’t be a Cowboy, Thomas Davis, baseball racist coaches, The Suns, Demarcus Cousins for Black History, moto-doping, Jay Bromley, Mitch Albom, D’Qwell Jackson being sued by the pizza man, Gilbert Arenas, NBA2k sued by tattoo artists, the NBA dunk contest, Derek Fisher, Jimmy Butler might be MJ’s son, Napoli footballer manager, Ryan Murphy caught with hoes, NBA wants to change Hack-A-Player, Marshawn Lynch, Joseph Randle, Gronk grinds on a sports anchor, KD to the Warriors, Louisville self imposed ban, Rasheed Wallace, Lakers suck, Clinton Portis bounced checks, Peyton got the goons, Montee Ball domestic violence incident, Manu hurt his balls, Obama roasts the Warriors, 3rd Leg Greg, women get a Rooney rule and this week in Mamba.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Fisher

    One time for Cam for being unrelentingly and repentantly himself. This was a guy who didn’t go to Georgia in his backyard because they wanted to recruit him as a tight end (shout out to DPalm). He made his way back from being kicked out of Florida to a national champion and heisman winner. He came in as a rookie and broke the record for passing yards as a rookie and still had to answer questions on whether he could do it as a QB. He took an offense with only one pro-bowl appearance between them coming into the year and led them to the highest scoring team in the league.

    You think that guy wouldn’t have a chip on his shoulder? Nobody is denying he’s not a good loser. This is who he is, he’s told you this. That didn’t stop him from dapping up Peyton with respect after the game, which is more than Peyton did when he lost to Drew Brees and the Saints. Larry Bird and the Celtics walked off against Isiah when they beat them in the playoffs but that’s just fiery competitiveness. But I’m supposed to care that he didn’t want to give reporters good quotes? Ok…

    But I’m so glad Cam didn’t bother with apologizing. I see how people were so quick and happy to infantilize him and call him boy. They’re not going to like him either way, so I don’t need him to justify himself to anybody, and especially not white people.

    Anyway, congratulations to Justin for holding out so strong on your Phil Jackson agenda. I won’t get too deep into it since I figure you’re gonna cover it but goddamn! You out here with everybody’s girl?? Yeah, your ass had to go Fish. Probably walked up to Melo licking his lips and just went honey nut cheerios huh? No wonder they got rid of Tim Hardaway Jr. Jimmy Butler might not be MJ’s son, but he’d better watch out for Fisher going after his mama. Only my team man.

    Appreciate y’all though, thanks for another great show. Hope you get some good runs in the gym, gotta stay in Red Lobster shape.

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