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1132: Formation


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Rod and Karen are joined by Reggie of the What’s The Tea podcast to discuss acting in NYC, Bey’s latest video, Gay News, wife shows up to her own funeral, fake utility worker, worker dies in mixer and sword ratchetness.

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  1. HC

    People still coming for Jay and Bey for not being woke? Any hands?

    My two favorite things about Beyonce: number one is how she reduces otherwise articulate women to screaming incoherently and calling each other bitch. Its fun to watch black women partying like that. I was with a friend when she watched the video for the first time. For 15 minutes she sat there, near tears, muttering to nobody in particular, “I’m bald. I’m bald. Bey and Blue Ivy snatched all my edges.” The loudest screams at the super bowl party I was at was when the tour announcement came up. It was well worth never ever getting a black performer at the super bowl halftime again.

    Second fave? Beyonce’s country ass accent. For years, people came at her for everything from not being socially aware to trying to look white, but that accent has been there from day one. So I enjoyed that the video was unapologetically black AND country.

  2. EvieE

    I loved the shit out of this video. I knew all the lyrics by the time I went to bed that night, and I was singing it the next day. Had my baby girl singing that she slays. My husband has been giving us side eye but I just continue to twirl on that hater. Albino alligators.

  3. AshtonRG

    I’m from the 3rd Ward (Calliope) of New Orleans and I’ve never had such great representation for my black and creole ass! Not just the lyrics but the imagery made me feel at home. Not a lot of people get the goth creole swag but she pulled it off perfectly. I can’t believe she took the time to shoot that dancing scene in that abandoned shopping mall where I bought my first black ass J’s! Ive had no limit, cash money, unlv, bounce music and it took BEYONCÉ to get my whole damn life in order. I loved this episode!

  4. WriterChick

    I just want to thank the beautiful people at TBGWT for providing the link to the Formation video. This chick at my job just said she liked the message in the video but didn’t agree with all the “abomination” that was going on. In her opinion (that a bitch didn’t ask for) it was a mixed message. My reply to her fucked up opinion was to play the video. I played it over and over and over. My petty ass minimized the screen and put the volume just low enough where you could only hear it if you were to come over to my desk, which she has to do regularly.

    Thanks Again For Making My Day An Easier One

  5. djtmk

    Now I don’t feel bad for carrying hot sauce everywhere with my white Bama ass. I left a bottle in my in-laws fridge so that I can eat over there. Much love to the gulf coast.
    Rod, I am with you on the Childish Gambino front. I feel like something must be wrong with someone that doesn’t love Gambino.

  6. ChayChay

    This shit is so Black, it’s BLUE Black!

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