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1133: Beyoncé Won The Super Bowl Again


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Rod and Karen discuss Super Bowl 50, Beyoncé, Meek Mill, politics, weed tampons, Stacey Dash, Cyrstal Wright, snow shovel shooting, daycare abuse and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anonymous

    First of all, Stacey Dash, keep Hamilton out yo mouth. Hamilton is my (and pretty much every theater geek’s) latest musical theater obsession. It tells the story of one of our founding fathers through rap. It’s creator wanted to tell the story of America then but have it look like America now. All the actors playing these historical figures are portrayed by people of color. She used this as a reason why it’s ok for Joseph Fiennes to play Michael Jackson. In general, my rule of thumb is if the race of a character provides major motivation for their psyche or actions, then an actor of that race (or at the very least another person of color if that applies) should play them. With real people, I find there’s a grey area. But the beautiful thing about theater as opposed to other artistic medium, is the audience comes in willing to suspend disbelief. That’s why theater has always been ahead of the diversity curve. MJ is on record saying he’s a proud black man. Now, if there is record of Alexander Hamilton and them saying they were proud white men, then ok. I’m sure there’s been other backlash surrounding the colorblind casting of Hamilton but I’m Helen Keller to Stacey’s BS.

  2. EvieE

    I love how Beyonce’s formation formed an ocean of white tears this week. Slay!!!

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