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1134: If I Offended Anybody… That’s Cool

CHARLOTTE, NC - JANUARY 03: Cam Newton #1 of the Carolina Panthers celebrates after defeating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Bank of America Stadium on January 3, 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Panthers won 38-10 to clinch home field advantage for the playoffs (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: 587495605 ORIG FILE ID: 503294186

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Rod and Karen discuss Cam Newton’s latest comments, more fall out from Beyonce’s half time performance, Owen Benjamin is a racist hypocrite, Ciara suing Future, Ghostface’s comeback diss, DMX, Will Smith, Twitter changes, OJ, a couple tries to bring back slavery, Hunterdon cop, Florida bigamist, man pulls gun on McDonald’s workers, woman stabs neighbor and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    I just want to say how sorry I feel….for all the ashy people out there who don’t like black women. I noticed and loved how there were no white people (except for the cops) in the formation video and all the natural hair flowing around. As I watched the video I already knew a bunch of ashy negroes would flood the internet with their think pieces and I was prepared to ignore them. What I was really surprised about was the amount of black women who had dissenting arguments about the video. I saw a bunch of “I know yall won’t agree with me but here’s my thoughts on Beyonce” type posts and of course the people saying how Beyonce is just now getting into the activist movement. Excuse me? Since I listen to this show I already had the receipts and could see between the lines….some of yall just don’t like Beyonce…and that’s cool…but nobody asked you. I laughed out loud as some black women on my timeline would make a negative remark about the video and dozens of other black women would just in their timeline telling them how wrong they were. I understand if you don’t like the cinematography or something but all the complaints I saw were due to people obviously not watching the entire video or simply not understanding. I also saw people arguing over the meaning of the lyrics, apparently since Bey said “I slay” she’s only talking about herself..na son.

    Now contrast this with Cam, I want to get a shirt that says “your or anybody else’s expectations will never exceed mine.” That boy so GOOD! I was happy to see Cam and Beyonce respond to the criticism because it’s something that only some of us (black people) understand. It does not matter how humble you are or how non-offensive you are with your commentary, if people don’t like you they still won’t like you. So you may as well be yourself. It was upsetting this week to see some black people jump on the “Cam is cocky” train like racism was going to end after the super bowl depending on his performance. I’ve noticed that in my conversations with my white friends I end up repeating myself simply to keep them comfortable, what the fuck is that? I know our history, I know American history, and I understand context. The discussions I’ve been having with my friends, black and white, usually boil down to me having to explain things are easily googled. I’m tired and sick of explaining why somebody’s opinion is uneducated and wrong, I can’t waste any more time in 2016 doing that. It’s time for the clapback. I really appreciate Cam and Beyonce’s woke-ness and this podcast for not catering to white people.

    Side note: I can’t wait for that latest Pre-Game to go up, that roast of Owen was good.

    Peace yall

  2. EvieE

    At first I thought Cam shot himself in the foot for walking out in the middle of the interview, but then I thought about it. People who have a problem with him would have taken issue with him no matter how he acted. There are still think pieces on how he’s not a leader, how he’s not mature, how he’s not that smart. Those are the same people who were waiting to say some foul shit about him anyway. Fuck those haters. The one thing I really kept my fingers crossed about was that he wouldn’t apologize. And he didn’t let me down. I’m so glad Cam didn’t apologize because it pissed the haters off. I’m tired of racists treating black people as less than human because we have fucking feelings. Way to go Cam. Keep dabbing on them haters.

    As for the Owen Benjamin mess, I followed that exchange on twitter. Even saw his tweets before he deleted them. I’d never heard of him. Honestly I’d never heard of Sullivan and sons either as TBS isn’t a channel I usually watch. I had to google him and this guy is irrelevant as fuck. I even watched a lame ass clips of his comedy on youtube. *yawn* I haven’t seen anyone so unfunny since Dane Cook. This dude obviously isn’t used to people calling him out on his shit and I’m glad you let him have it. Funny how he calls Beyonce a cunt, deletes the tweets and then plays the victim? A racists worst enemy is technology because screen shots are a thing and we come with receipts now. Fuck him and his two lame ass followers.

    I gotta be honest, I didn’t think Ghostface went as hard on Skrelli as I thought he would. I think he went harder on Action Bronson but then again, he didn’t have the old r&B music playing in the background in this one.

  3. bamil73

    My initial reaction to Cam’s press conference was that he didn’t do his job the way people expected him to do it at that moment and people are making way too much of a big deal about it. I should not have been surprised that the media would question his leadership over that small detail. We expect athletes to show emotion. A standard response to questions on a loss is “the other team just wanted it more”. This negro shows emotion all season, “wants it more” all season, then when he has the inevitable depressed, down-and-out emotional response he gets dragged for it.

    The reaction to Beyonce’s new video is telling. It never ceases to amaze me how incensed white america gets at expressions of unapologetic blackness. This seems to be a symptom of a feeling of ownership over black American bodies. If people with Chinese heritage or like me, Jamaican heritage, express pride in aspects of our heritage, well that’s commendable because its not really American culture so it doesn’t have to involve white America and they can look on and enjoy from afar and revel in its exotic-ness. The thinking is that white culture is the authentic default American culture and black American culture is a pathological lesser version of that and black Americans’ goal in life is or should be to shed that culture, unless they plan to deploy it purely for the entertainment of white America. Then when someone comes along expressing their blackety black American-ness with pride and without inviting white America to participate, they invoke this apoplectic reaction. This is the flip side of what made Dave Chappelle so uncomfortable. He was unsure whether white people were laughing at their own bigotry or laughing at blackness. Beyonce wasn’t inviting whiteness into the party, she wasn’t explaining anything or asking permission and wasn’t striving to be culturally white and it was unnerving. The response is “Your success depends on you wanting to be like us, not on you celebrating this black shit and wanting fair treatment and shit!”. The fact is black culture in the diaspora, in all of its beauty is borne of pain. Every beautiful thing about blackness has its roots in oppression no matter how far removed. It’s too close to home and forces the uncomfortable acknowledgements that their ancestors oppressed our ancestors. The acknowledgement that a separate black culture exists because of white privilege and exclusion. We have to say we love our hair, because this society says your hair is better than my hair. We have to say we love our nostrils, because this society says your pinched angular nose is better than my sprawling wide nose. They don’t have to say that shit so when we say these things loud and proud just to get through the day, their perspective is “why does it always have to be about race with you people? Cant you just like make me whip nae nae or something fun?”.

    Sorry for the long comment folks. I do have one complaint of the song and that is that I’m allergic to shellfish sooooooo…

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