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1135: Let’s Get Greedy


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Rod and Karen are joined by Danielle Carrington and Nicky Sunshine of the Let’s Get Greedy show (YouTube) to discuss how they developed their show, how they met, food, cooking, Chipotle, Dairy Queen, KFC food mix up, more Beyonce fall out, Raven-Symone, Misty Copeland, NC student wear African headwraps, man tosses gator, weave murder, man shot to deaf and sword ratchetness.

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Guest Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa8-Lb669HFHqA_EBLd4M4A


And they’re on Twitter: @ShadowDogProd




  1. TanyaW42

    Great episode, love the “Let’s Get Greedy” ladies!! But don’t come for Karen’s cooking, her Sriracha Chicken recipe is one of my staples, so good!

  2. AJtheEngineer

    This was a great episode, I had seen the posts of “Lets’ Get Greedy” in the facebook group but hadn’t checked them out yet. Obviously I’m missing out on a good thing. I was laughing at yall’s story about the burrito restaurant. As Rod described the place I was saying to myself “please nobody order any fish from there” and sure enough Karen had to be fancy. We love you Karen no need to live life on the edge.

  3. Cappadonna

    Throw no shade on J. Riggins, sir!! Rod, I loved, LOVED that damn store. It didn’t realize it was the broke dude’s Brooks Brothers in high school. Nor, DID I CARE. I looked forward to back to school and Easter Sunday shopping, because I knew I was going to be stunting in my J. Riggins gear. I blew my first paycheck at buying long sleeve Paisley polo shirts and khakis at J. Riggins, along with X-men comics and Sega Genesis games. I still got a tie from J. Riggins (its 25 years but its still fly. I love that damn tie). R.I.P. to the hood’s J. Crew.

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