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1139: Weird Science


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Rod and Karen discuss The Grammy’s, Gay News, Beyonce, Chipotle thief, gimp scientist, porn at a funeral and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Nic Ju

    Apparently a guitar fell on a piano string so the piano was out of tune for Adele’s Grammy performance. However, I agree with Rid, Kendrick took her voice when he left.

  2. rmiller728

    The minute I saw that bullshit story where the sheriff claimed Beyonce was behind the drive-by shooting at his house, I immediately thought this does not sound right. Just waiting for the next story to be reported stating he staged the whole thing. White people and their bullshit!

  3. Mayor2010

    Greetings Rod and Karen,

    I loved the Kendrick Lamar Grammy performance and the “To Pimp a Butterfly” album. Kendrick went so black he lost some white fans. I remember before the album came out my white coworkers who consider themselves hip hop lovers and who loved “Good kid M.A.A.D city” were so excited and rushed to download the album. After I heard the album, I was like “This album is the shit!”. Expecting my so called enlightened hip hop loving coworkers to feel the same way, imagine my surprise when they all said “am not feeling the album, Good kid M.A.A.D city was better”. After I heard them say that shit, i stopped talking to them. Their response told me everything I needed to know about how they felt inside about black people and our issues and life experiences.

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