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1138: Good To Be White

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Rod and Karen are joined by Tim, Andy and Randolph from the Three Guys On Podcast to discuss Valentine’s Day, Kanye West, Eliot Spitzer accused of choking girlfriend, NC Welfare drug test, Idris is single, black folks need to work twice as hard, school apologizes for teaching about white privilege, Bill Clinton says we’re all mixed race people, shop lifters leave baby in car, remix of Golden Girls theme, woman shoots barber and sword ratchetness.

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  1. RayinJapan

    This episode killed me. Especially the part where you started talking about Cleophus. It reminded me of my great uncle Cleophus and his 17 children. Most of who have ‘Cleo’ somewhere in his name. If I remember correctly the ones name Cleophus are around 10 of them.

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