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1142: The Candy Lady


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Rod and Karen discuss condom use in porn, 50 Cent ordered back to court, Lanston Attickus Dolezal is born, #FreeKesha, Jeb drops out, Danica Dillon comes clean, Raven-Symone caught lying, Aislinn Pulley decides not to meet with POTUS, Damn Daniel, Jamila Lamieux is called out by hoteps, pedo wants to be a babysitter, Waffle House waitress spikes co-worker’s drink and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    The candy lady in my neighborhood I later found out was also the weed lady. Me and my friends in the neighborhood would go to her house and buy candy she probably got in bulk from Sam’s Clubs. I always wondered why she always had sketchy looking older men and women coming in and out of her house with no candy. Found out later she was dealing when her house was raided by the cops, which actually appeared on an episode of City Under Siege which was a local version of the show COPS. Her arrest was a blow to all the fat kids in our development.

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