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1143: Love All Over Your Face

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Rod and Karen discuss Beyonce news, Chris Brown apologizes, Demi Lovato going at Taylor Swift, NYPD alleged to have made scientist fake DNA test, man takes 6 years paid leave, Glenn Beck, Paris Jackson, Sue Stenhouse, black car insurance, #SupporThePuff, racist letter about Cam, anti-gang assembly, man pretends to be senator, sex offender steals a school bus, Valentine’s Day spat, mom wants to put the baby outside and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I’m no Taylor Swift fan. Sure she has some catchy tunes, but is there anything really exceptional about her? Not really. And it really doesn’t help that her stans protect her harder than Bernie Bros protect Bernie. That being said Demi Lovato was way out of pocket. By going off on that twitter rant, she did what exactly what she said she wasn’t doing, making it about her. She sounded petty and jealous of Taylor. I never thought I’d ever compliment Taylor Swift for anything but kudos to her for donating money to Kesha. Anyone can writer a 140 character tweet, but it says so much more when you put your money where your mouth is.
    Sounds like there’s bad blood between Demi and Taylor (no pun intended).

  2. Its-KK-Yo

    As the resident teen, soon to be adult, who knows a bit too much about Taylor Swift (because I used to be a big fan before going neutral) and Demi (because I used to live off of Disney Channel) I’d like to ring in. I’m telling this as I remember it so some details might be a little off. (Sorry this is so long I didn’t mean to do this)

    I can’t help, but think that Demi is still a bit bitter about a situation that happened a few years ago, this involves Selena Gomez. Selena and Demi grew up together as close friends, they were on Barney together and were later both Disney Channel stars. Basically they were the best friend duo of Disney. Demi developed an eating disorder (bulimia) and went to rehab. her Disney show, Sonny with a Chance, was cancelled because of it.

    So, while Demi was away, Taylor and Selena became really good friends, like there was an article every other week about the two of them hanging out. When Demi got out of rehab I remember the press asking her ‘How’s Selena doing?’ to which Demi responded ‘I don’t know ask Taylor.’ So it might be a stretch, but I believe that’s at least partly her problem with Taylor.

    It’s really quite sad because Demi seems to have always been an outspoken person. When she was on Disney Channel, she wrote a song about how certain companies try to turn celebrities into things they’re not, aka Disney, called ‘La La Land’ and I think her music is good, though I don’t listen to it like that. The problem is she has this terrible habit of tweeting things and sticking her head in places she doesn’t need to. She usually has good points, but the way she talks about things always seem like she’s throwing shade.

    For example in 2011, her tweets once got an episode of Disney Channel show “Shake it up” pulled for making a joke about eating disorders, but she didn’t stop there. After Disney pulled the episode, She that the actresses were getting thinner and thinner comparing them to Raven and Lizzie Mcguire and it seemed like she was throwing shade at Zendaya and Bella Thorne. Zendaya’s dad ended up tweeting Demi about it because she hurt Zendaya’s feelings, plus Zendaya was being attacked by Demi fans over Demi’s comment, and he called her out for throwing the two girls under the bus because of a system they have no control of. Demi responded saying she wasn’t pointing at any specific actresses and said all bodies were beautiful.

    More recently, there was an issue because Zendaya got a barbie based on her and Demi’s first response was “Hey Barbie, what about a curvy doll or one with true to size measurements? I’ll model!” Which many people didn’t appreciate. Yes, Barbie needs more diverse dolls, but to comment right on Mattel’s post about the Zendaya doll was in bad taste. Then of course Zendaya and Demi came out saying they’re friends and not fight, but Demi seems to this kind of thing a lot.

    She says the right things at the wrong time and seems really shady.

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