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1148: Chris Rock Is At Work


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Rod and Karen discuss the Oscars, Trump knows David Duke, Raven Symone going to Canada, porn in Airbnb, Obama bans slave made goods, man kills grandparents, man snapchats during police chase, mayor accused of sleeping with constituent’s wife and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Cappadonna

    Hey Rod & Karen –

    Run down of Highlights of Your Oscar Analysis:

    1. I’m gonna leave the Chris Rock thing alone – mostly because, well, as you said, dude is at work. It was funny and frankly, its align with his usual stick of calling out racism while trolling sacred cows of blackness.

    2. Uh, er, um – what in the Nine Rings of Hell happen to Nick Cannon?! Is he trying to join Columbus Short on the unemployment line? He lost his mind along with Mariah Carey’s yams apparently? He better keep his mouth shut or he can kiss that Kevin Hart’s sidekick money good bye.

    3. Sarah Palin’s brood mare daughter can kick rocks. That is all.

    4. The Cohen Brothers stepped in it in that one. Joel Cohen could have just have just said “Hail Cesar is mocking 1950’s Hollywood, which didn’t have a bevy of Brown people anywhere on camera, so it didn’t make sense for the story”. He didn’t have say “4 Blacks, 3 Jews and a Dog”. Again, uh,er , um – WHAT?!

    5. Black folks always are as the Vanguard for Diversity and Progress, taking sling and arrows while so many Asian, Latino and Arab folks hide in the back until the shooting stop. So, you’re mad about Chris Rock talking about blackness instead of mentioning that you have white people playing Latinos and Asians all the time? Man Please! So like Bristol the THOT, these non-black POC complaining about #OscarSoWhite can go play pebble soccer.

    That’s it – have a great week.

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