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1149: Ladies Man


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Rod and Karen discuss Super Tuesday, more fall out for Chris Rock, VH1 expanding Love and Hip Hop, Tim Meadows put on blast, Tidal news, Apple shareholders vote down diversity plan, Morgan Freeman is a savage, Sara Stokes suing BET, Terry Crews is anti-masturbation and porn, Denver man acts up on plane teens kill family and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Amani

    The thing it took me too long to realize about the “Oh you don’t want to vote for Bernie, well enjoy President Trump” harassment that we’ve seen so much, particularly from his white supporters is that THEY will vote for Trump over Hillary. For a while I thought that was just a lazy false equivalence about not voting, but no it’s a threat because they have the privilege not to care. They realize their lives won’t be demonstrably different either way and they don’t give a fuck about what America would look like under Trump for Black and Brown people.

    I’ve seen so-called liberals say they WANT Trump to win so he can make things so terrible the country learns a lesson. But they never admit who that will affect the most, because they don’t have to.

    The clip you played about voters just looking past the KKK is so indicative of that. There was a Vice news clip with Bun B interviewing GOP voters and this white guy pretty much admitted he wasn’t feeling any of the crazy, racist shit Trump was saying, but he thought he was the best on jobs and was just ignoring the rest. That’s the privilege they have to be able to ignore open racism and know it doesn’t apply to you. He didn’t have to worry about his candidate talking about rounding up and killing people like you, or being assaulted if you show up to his rallies.

    And I had to laugh at the bullshit trying to blame Chris Rock for the Oscars’ flopping and ignoring an active boycott. The only five times in the last decade the Oscars have gone over 40 million viewers is when Black people have been nominated for shit. And surprise, surprise the Black audience has been higher in all those years. Who could have guessed?

    This is just one of the many reasons I’m so grateful for you two. I think about why MHP decided not to stay silent, and it matters to have this kind of space where you can cover all of this, be funny as hell, and not give a fuck about the white gaze. 

    Sorry this went so long, but y’all were KILLING it this episode!

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