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1150: The Passion Of The Jesus


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Rod and Karen recap Super Tuesday, racism in politics and the Walking Dead.

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  1. fiainros

    I don’t have anything of substance to say about the last episode of TWD. Just these:
    For some reason, the repeated “friends of Jesus” cracked me up. Really, anytime they said Jesus this or Jesus that I found funny.

    Rick’s group has the worst luck with getting vehicles stuck in mud. Seems like it happens a lot.

    Could that place in Hilltop be any cleaner? Gregory sure does have cleanliness issues.

    “Confrontation is something we’ve never had trouble with” also cracked me up. This was a funny episode in its own way.

    The final shot of Hilltop sure was pretty. The episodes are going very fast right now. I asked out loud, “Is it over already?” and I wasn’t even doing anything else besides watching the show.

  2. Luckedout

    People saying racism and sexism are in the past are acting like it’s not a constant tug-o-war. Yeah, the Civil Rights Movement created a lot of change, but anyone can see the systematic backlash. Voter registration tinkering and gerrymandering disempower minority communities; the attacks on Planned Parenthood and legal abortion based solely on moral outrage. Then they want to hide it by saying it isn’t targeted at a specific group or use generic broad statements about how it’s for the good of all.

    Gregory reminded me of a ineffective Badlands Baron and Jesus was Sunny.

  3. hirojashibe

    I wonder if Maggie will be able to arrange for some kind of coupon deal special with the Hilltop People, for every Negan crew member RIck and them take out, they can get a twofer on all items. Or maybe start a Hilltop Savings Membership Card and rack up all the points to win that nice new car at the end of the deal.

    Y’ll have a great Saturday.

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