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BDS 144: There Is No Racism!


Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Marshawn Lynch, Kirk Cousins, RG3, Sam Bradford, Brian France supports Trump, JJ Redick complains about white pain, Marlin Chinn comes on to a player, Russell Wilson and Baby Future, cops called on Kam Chancellor, Jason Pierre-Paul donates to burn unit, Darren Sharper reaches new plea deal, Deflategate, Le’Veon Bell is a rapper, Erin Andrews lawsuit against Marriot, Jameis gets baptized, Steph Curry selling the most shoes, Eli Apple asked dumb question by Falcons’ assistant coach, Steph Curry app, Eddy Lacy and P90X, Howard Stern prank call, Marvin Harrison calls out TO,  suicide not ruled out for Thunder co-owner,  Aroldis Chapman gets 30 games, Terrell Suggs arrested, English Soccer star pedo, Stephen A says racism doesn’t exist and this week in Mamba.


  1. Amani

    And breaking news, Russ might have just changed the game with that ring for Ciara. That thing is ridiculous, probably had to sell three or four of his processors! Ain’t gonna be no “TRYING” to stay celibate tonight!

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Sharapova,

    Oh how sweet it is! You got your ass beat by Serena 18 times in a row AND you were doping this whole time? I wouldn’t even be mad about getting caught, I’d be pissed that shit clearly didn’t work. Wasn’t enough steroids in the world to overcome that Black Girl Magic!

    But that white privilege is strong. Now that the face of PEDs is a skinny, blonde woman they’re saying we should talk about just legalizing them. Not even Peyton Manning got this much love. How are you still trying to defend this as a honest mistake while leaving out the fact they warned her that it was illegal FIVE times! I’ve even seen people commending her for admitting it. After she got caught though? Is this the Ray J school of honesty?

    Meanwhile you see CP3 back out here on that Prince Leron again? Somebody gotta lay hands on him. I’ll take Andrew Bynum back in the league if he’ll lay him out while still rocking that Fredrick Douglass haircut. Bron over here subtweeting Kyrie every week maybe he can put out the hit of Cliff Paul. But at least he made that Kendrick drop happen.

    Alright y’all have a good week. Taking my baby cousin to see Zootopia oh and congrats on being an Uncle again Rod!

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