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BDS 145: Maria Shara-dope-a


Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Sharapova getting caught on them PEDs, Russell Wilson and Ciara engaged, Kim K, Peyton Manning retiring, Bo Ryan, Ben Simmons not going to class, Tre Mason arrested, Bill Belichick has dinner with Trump, Jessica Moran, Sam Dekker gets at Dwight Howard, Erin Andrews wins, Osweiler gets paid, DeAngelo Williams goes at Peyton, Cam salutes Peyton, Kevin Durant, Lebron and Kyrie subtweeting, OJ Mayo broke his ankle, Holly Holm, Eagles making trades, Tom Brady gets paid, Patrick Kane, RG3, Cruz takes pay cut, Miko Grimes quits Twitter, Brandon Marshall, Jaren Lorenzen, Demarcus Cousins subtweets, Calvin Johnson, Bryce Harper, Swin Cash, Adam Johnson taken off Fifa and this week in mamba.


  1. iDamienJackson


  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and J.Rubio

    I thought about breaking out the Darden again but that just seemed cruel. The glove didn’t fit AND he didn’t hit! Just taking L’s all over the place.

    Welcome to the first day of the National Exploitation Tournament! I can’t even deny I still enjoy watching it, but you’d have to be blind to not see the hypocrisy everywhere, and it t just let’s me know if you have a problem with players getting played you’re almost definitely a racist. That’s why I don’t really talk about college sports with most people anymore. I crunched the numbers, f you took 10% of their TV deal with CBS and gave it to the players, you could give every player in the country a $17,000 stipend. And that’s not touching any of their other corporate sponsorships or the other $10 Billion nest egg.

    And speaking of college basketball did y’all see Rick Pitino still trying to shift blame on that prostitution ring? (http://blacksportsonline.com/home/2016/03/you-wont-believe-who-pitino-is-blaming-for-hooker-recruiting-scandal/) He’s out here blaming grad assistants and dorm security? Hey man as long as they got signed in, what are you gonna do? What’s next start blaming the RA’s in the dorm? Meanwhile he’s out here having sex on restaurant tables and telling other people they need to be held accountable?

    I would go in harder, but I’m a Knicks fans and my last couple of coaches have their own problems. Phil even trying to run things half-time. Just egging Justin’s agenda on.

    Alright y’all (and possibly Karen) have a great week. Appreciate y’all for everything you do and just being genuine.

  3. Selester63

    What Up Rod, J-LaRoche & Karen,

    I definitely look forward to Balls Deep Sports at the end of the week to get your ratchet take on sport news. This time of year things really slow down regarding sporting events (at least in my opinion). I haven’t watched a lot of college basketball this season but I do enjoy seeing what teams get upset during the NCAA tournament. I’m mainly waiting for the NBA playoffs to start. You guys (& lady) have a good one, peace.

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