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1160: We Are All Negan


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Rod and Karen are joined by Ms. Smart of the Whiskey Wine And Moonshine Podcast to discuss Jared, A prank goes wrong in North Korea, a white girl got punched and we recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. hirojashibe

    Maggie is racking up them points for her Hilltop Savers Card I admire your commit and dedication to the program. I am sure by Christmas you will have enough points to get that Car. More importantly your comment and willingness to show some follow through has all the Hallmarks of a Great Leader.

    Oh and you #BernBros I see you : You are not taking #MehTheVote . I am not a violent person by nature but I will set more than a CVS on fire if you come and take that from US.

    Y’ll have a Great Sat.

  2. Law

    I’ve gotta say, I have been impressed with Father Gabe lately. He’s bustin caps for the Lord now. If someone dare ask, “What Would Jesus Do?” you can just point to Jesus because he’s down for the cause too. Came in there looking like a Boondock Saint.

    Saw Carol with her Jamie Lee Curtis Swag on Talking Dead too. Check her out! Haha. Great podcast y’all!

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