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PG 37: Saigon

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Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Justin’s job interview, Da Juice, Underground, Hap and Leonard, LHHNY Reunion, Confederate History Month and old man Dave at the YMCA. 3/25 Balls Deep


  1. silverback

    Good OJ (in the good lotion voice), great pregame yall. Last time I listened I had to go get sushi, now i’m geeked for some out to eat breakfast. Thank you for the entertainment.

  2. PropJoe

    I’ve been doing the HA on the cross over for awhile now, it’s too fun. I run a youth athletic org and I do this when we scrimmage my team 12 & 13 year old boys. One of my boys Lil brothers who played on our 5 & 6 year old team would be at our practices. Anyways when the season started and the Lil brother did it during the game and I was in tears laughing. He was wearing matching head band and wrist bands too like a true OG.

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