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1179: Rolls For Men


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Rod and Karen discuss beard harassment, soccer, gym for men, Uber driver sexually assaults customer, DJ E-Z Rock dies, Erykah Badu is for longer skirts on school girls, Amazon one day shipping, Texalysers coming, St Louis student banned for being black, black women least sexualized in Film and TV, Black Names in mortgage hunting, bored man shoots brother, man dresses as woman to film women in restrooms, back surgeon and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Law

    Everytime I see Erykah Badu, she looks like she sells black market goods in RPG video games.

  2. TanyaW42

    Yay, the game show music is back!! Rod’s Mom gets results!

  3. ChayChay

    I’ve never in my life thought I’d be one to praise dance, but y’all got me with the return of the Fucking with Black People theme song! I was waiting on a train in Brooklyn and couldn’t help myself. Thank you Pastor Rod and Co-Pastor Karen!!!! That made my day.

    Now on to some shit that unmade day… “Black women as the least sexualized in film and TV”. How about we are the most stereotyped. Either we’re the hyper sexualized Jezebel, the asexual Mammy, or the domineering, masculine Sapphire. All the time in everything. Makes no difference that Hollywood is feeling the Mammy more than the others right now. The shit hasn’t changed in hundreds of years, but we live in a post racial society. Right? Beyond that, we’re also considered the least attractive of all the women in the world according to a Japanese psychologist from a study released 4 / 5 years ago and published in Psychology Today. This is a burden that is exclusive to Black women, not brown women. Brown women are considered beautiful, i.e Puerto Rican women have been called genetically perfect (go PR chicas! No hate from me). What I wish Hollywood, society, shit, the world would do is to stop trying to dissect us. Just stop. We are women. We feel, we love, we laugh, we cry, we’re beautiful, we’re sexy, we’re sensitive, and we deserve respect. We are also MAGIC. In the face of all the negative that’s heaped on us every fucking day, the fact that we STILL love and embrace ourselves and each other, is the ultimate magic.

  4. Angel

    It is not a popular false belief that people think or theorize that fat = unhealthy. Everyone knows crackheads are skinny unhealthy people and methheads also for that matter or what about the starving skinny unhealthy kids they show on television. A “Fat person” is a very subjective term that differs in description from person to person.
    The posting on a food package containing “how much exercise” a person would have to complete to burn off a certain amount of calories is for that person to discuss with him/or herself alone, and personally weigh the pros and cons and chemicals of that food. Some people don’t want to be skinny, some people want to maintain their weight and they know what to do, and what they can have or can not have in moderaation based on their specific body type and shape. A person’s overall health plus exercise and eating can very much determine how that person’s body respond to certain foods healthy or unhealthy. Everyone is different, individuals just have to know and or learn how his or her body works. As to calories in not equaling calories out, I will say this; Different exercises yield different results. Some exercises burn calories while other exercise burn fat that come from refined sugars. It is true that some people are required to give a much higher level of difficulty and commitment than others to lose weight due to their body type. And alot of people have no interest pouring that much time and energy it would take for them to lose weight. Is it hard and difficult YES but it is not absolutely impossible for anyone to lose weight. If one is consistently eating healthy and burning more calories than he or she is consuming and the person is still not losing weight, an underlying health factor is the probable cause.There are different exercises out there for everyone that would help yield weight loss results over time. Posting how much exercises one would have to complete to burn off a serving is just an additional to piece to the puzzle, along with the nutrition facts that already informs you how bad or good the food is for you. Everyone has to make decisions on what they eat based on their body type and health. So if one is actively trying and dedicated lose weight then the amounts of sugars, sodium, carbs, trans fat and cholesterol on top of added info thats says you have to run 8 miles or do 700 burpees (or more based on your body type) to burn off this serving may just be the encouragement you need to tell that food product to go fuck its self Faevah.

  5. EvieE

    I was so pissed when they killed Abby off of Sleepy Hollow but what what ticked me off were the writers who were whining about their feelings being hurt because of the backlash. What did they think would happen? Season one was stellar but then they brought basic ass Katrina and relegated Abby to a sidekick. They didn’t even include Nicole Beharie in the commentary for the season two DVD. It’s no wonder she wanted to leave that crap show. So tired of watching televisions shows that start out diverse and then pull the okie doke by slowly getting rid of all the characters of color. Black women are always being used to advance someone else’s plot point. It happened on Vampire Diaries and they’re doing the same thing to Iris on The Flash. This is why so many people cheered for Richonne. She is Rick’s equal and the only woman on the show that can stand toe to toe with the male lead. Here’s hoping she didn’t get Lucilled or Black Twitter is going to go off.

  6. femme_esq

    I worry about the idea that posting “how much exercise” it would take to burn off a given food for two reasons: 1) it strengthens the false theory that “fat” = “unhealthy”. Plenty of skinny people eat terrible food. It doesn’t magically become better food just because they’re skinny people. And, even if you were to exercise to burn off the bad food, you still ate crap full of chemicals. It isn’t good for you and exercise won’t change that after the fact. 2) It strengthens the false theory that “calories in” = “calories out”. Plenty of fat people work out more and eat better than skinny people, but just don’t lose weight. And, calories from certain sources, like refined sugar, are processed in the body differently than calories from, say, spinach. Reducing the complex chemical reaction of digestion in the body down to “calories in, calories out” is partially responsible for the widespread belief that fat people just eat more and sit around more than skinny people. Overall, I think this kind of messaging on food products continues the trend of shifting the responsibility for health outcomes onto individuals, so that people can blame them instead of addressing systemic forces like poor healthcare access, widespread use of chemicals/antibiotics in food, and poverty.

  7. Angel

    I think Karen is right about people not purchasing certain foods due to the amount of exercise they would have to do to work off whatever serving they wish to intake. Sea World profits decreased by 84% due to the documentary “Blackfish” uncovering Sea World unethical practices. People literally stop going. I believe people would stop purchasing foods, specifically food geared toward children if the food truthfully documented how much their child would have to exercise because it protrays how unhealthy that food certain food is. Just something to think about. Love the show.

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