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BDS 150: Mamba Out


Rod, Justin and B. Cole discuss listener feedback, George Karl fired, Johnny Football, Josh Gordon fails another drug test, NBA play-off match-ups, our favorite Kobe moments, Cory Batey guilty of rape at Vanderbilt, Sixers petty, Kevin Love will accept Team USA invite, Shaq’s bootleg shoes, Arians attacks moms, Lebron in the DM’s, Lil B curse, LeSean McCoy going at Lou Williams, Shannon Brown cheating allegations, Percy Harvin, Cousins overpaid, Phil Jackson, Zach Randolph, Titans trade, Nick Young cheating, Dwight Howard cool with Royce, Lamar Odom, Shawn Oakman, Bronco’s owner son tripping, Broner in jail, Wonderlic scores correlate to arrests, Will Smith killed and this week in Mamba.

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  1. Will in Toronto

    Fuck it. We need to get a kickstarter or a go fund me to launch the Josh and Johnny show. Even if it’s just a web series it would be appointment viewing.

    You might be onto something though, Rod. I’ve been trying to pull all the historical data I can but I haven’t been able to find another brother that got dragged down by a white boy the way Josh is letting that powder sniffing hobbit do him. Plenty of cases with a white girl but never a white boy. LMFAO. Best example I had was Apollo Creed when Rocky let him die in the ring. But to tell di troot, Rocky had that CTE so i might give him a pass for that assisted suicide.

    Thanks for another week of reminding me that I really ain’t shit. Justin said that the Pistons were gonna serve that nasty ass assembly line Michigan water in the Cavs locker room and I haven’t stopped laughing since. Sippin’ on the 8 mile quality water would explain why Reggie Jackson had that 4th quarter melt down. No disrespect. Might also explain why Matthew Stafford didn’t have enough sense to throw it to Megatron on every damn play.

    Dope show as usual y’all!

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