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1185: Tubmans And Lincolns


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Rod and Karen discuss the NY primary election results, Harriet Tubman on the $20, Jennifer Aniston is the most beautiful woman in the world, Kelly Ripa skips work and is labeled a “hero”, Panda gets a white person cover, Mitsubishi was lying, Sanders visited the PJ’s, Clarence Thomas was doing threesomes, Gator on Gator violence, open letter to Ciara, CA passes law to make consent classes mandatory, BYU honor code aimed at sexual assault accusers, Paltrow has heard the new Bey, man arrested over soda, mother fakes injuries to her own son and sword ratchetness.

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  1. HC

    One slight problem with Bernie’s people blaming blacks for his struggles: his most important loss was Iowa. Iowa is super white, a caucus state, super liberal primary voters, and not in the south, all supposedly huge advantages for Sanders. Add to that the fact that Hillary came in THIRD, in Iowa in 2008 to the black guy and the guy cheating on his cancer-stricken wife, and Iowa was Bernie’s to have long before black voters came into play.

    Then what happens if Bernie wins Iowa? He destroys Hillary in New Hampshire like he did, and that’s weeks of positive news cycles as the leader for Bernie before he even has to kiss one black baby in the south.

    So I’m gonna look for the quote of someone calling those iowa white people uninformed for not picking Bernie, I’ll be right back.

  2. EvieE

    Forgot to add, that open letter to Ciara was bullshit. It was a cheap way for this writer to plug her book. That letter could have been written by hatin’ ass Terrell Jones. I think this lady has brought into the patriarchy BS and seems to place all the responsibility for keeping her father in her life at her mother’s feet and not her sorry ass father. She needs to have several seats.

  3. EvieE

    I’m excited about seeing Harriet Tubman on the 20. And the added bonus of making racists mad doesn’t hurt. I don’t really understand the argument that she shouldn’t be on money because of capitalist reasons or because she was a slave. Those people are entitled their opinion but I don’t agree because it makes her seem like that’s all she was and doesn’t acknowledge her humanity. Harriet Tubman was more than a slave. She was a freedom fighter, a humanitarian, a soldier, spy and a hero. I hope they make a Harriet Tubman movie because I’m totally there for it. As long as Scarlet Johanssen isn’t playing her.

    A few weeks ago, you did a show on trap songs remade and I wrote in to say I didn’t mind them. Well, I was wrong. To be honest, I’d only heard a few of them and none of the egregious ones like King Kunta. The Formation was particularly sucked. But this Panda one…eww. That one was extra whack. #Stopwhitepeople2016

  4. Amani

    Greetings and salutations Queen Karen and Dear Brother Rod

    You have to understand the multiplexity of the trigonometry of fire or Bern as the so-called white man would say. Check this, all the New York negroes were forced into voting for Hillary because they were threatened by noted Clinton surrogate Bobby Schmurda from behind bars. And game’s been peeped which is why you’ve been pushing hard for his release. Wouldn’t Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X tell us to fight each other and just submit for the benefit of the nice white man? I refuse to have the wool pulled over my eyes. Don’t make Massa Sanders come into TBGWT studios and demand his respek! Could you imagine if Birdman ran up in there while Bernie was doing his interview?

    And I absolutely understand the people who don’t want Harriet Tubman on the $20 because they don’t want to see her commoditized. For me it’s just overridden by the good of representation of seeing a Black woman on that currency and specifically THAT Black woman. I think of that Dave Chappelle standup where he calls our money Baseball Cards with Slave owners, and now we have a legitimate American hero, activist, and badass spy who took no shit. Plus, it makes racist white people soooo mad!

    I’m willing to have my mind changed, but right now I’m partying with Tubs!!! Make them teach her real history in schools, force these ignorant people to google her and learn about what she really did, and give me my Harriet Tubman movie! I promise you I’m buying all my Black Panther tickets with Tubs. Don’t even want the change.

    Anyway thanks for an amazing week of shows, and appreciate both of y’all. Hope you got that Lemonade ready

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