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TNO 58: Fuck Sleepy Hollow


Rod, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, what we’ve been playing and watching, Ghost In the Shell race bending controversy, Xbox One hardware upgrades, JJ Abrams’ is woke, Venom movie, Fable Legends shut down, Netflix news, Daisy Ridley could be the next Laura Croft, Cloak and Dagger, MBJ for Blade hoax, Death Note live action movie, Full Metal Alchemist live action movie, Thor 3 casts Tessa Thompson, Suicide Squad, Kong: Skull Island, FWD renewed, Game of Thrones expensive, Ben Afleck Batman movie, Luke Cage, 4 Avatar Sequels, Robin was a killer too, Emilia Clarke is out of Terminator, Marvel movies, The 100 writer apologizes, Sleepy Hollow, RDJ in Spider-man: Homecoming, MS has “hoes” at their party.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Guys,

    I don’t know how DC hasn’t made Bruce Timm their Kevin Feige yet. He already oversaw a combined universe for them and did it to massive success. Kriss has made the point before that DC has gods more than human characters, but that’s what the cartoons got that the movies haven’t. No we’re probably not going to care about about Clark Kent, but you can get us to actually just care about Superman. Think about that Justice League cartoon, we didn’t even see Hawkgirl without her mask until what season 3? Embrace the fact that you have these larger than life figures and use that, but DC wants to be the most fence-sittingest company of all-time and halfway copy Marvel while doing their own murderverse.

    And after that Sony Venom news, just give up and give it back to Marvel. I just have a fantasy in my head of them doing Carnage on Netflix with the level of brutality that can provide. I know it won’t happen, but that’s nowhere near as stupid as a Venom movie in a separate universe from Spider-Man. But shout out to Marvel for snatching creative control on Homecoming.

    Great show as always. And damn y’all catching me off-guard throwing up another new ep so soon! Black Panther getting everybody in Formation. Fuck a Team Iron Man, I’m Team T’Challa!

    P.S. Gotta stop Kriss from announcing these comixology sales. Ended up with 20 new purchases. That Vader Down is a MONSTER!

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