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BDS 151: Sege Ibaka Accent


Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, the NBA Play-Offs, Durant not going to the Wizards, Tom Thibodeau coaching the T-wolves, Manziel, a player stabs other players, Rashan Gary gets a racist voice mail, Serge Ibaka, Cleveland Blacks have a lot of picks, RG3 still not the starter, Josh Norman gets paid by Washington, Andrew Shaw apologizes, Stafford won’t be traded, Curt Schilling, Adam Silver says NBA All-Star game is in jeopardy, Hack a player will be dealt with, Jimmy Butler, Colabello caught, Melo skips Triangle school, Aldon Smith trial hits a snag, Magic Johnson, 30 year old caught posing at teen basketball player and This Week In Mamba.


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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod & J. Balls

    Rod be knowing! He said a while ago the Spurs hanging around in #2 and waiting for someone to get hurt was the best strategy. Then Steph goes out for at least two weeks and now Chris Balls broke his punching hand, what a shame. I’m glad someone finally had the foresight to wear a steel cup around him. Clippers better go ask Cliff for some insurance for that starting five.

    Meanwhile D. Wade hasn’t won a game since Lemonade dropped, and now he’s facing elimination at the Hive tonight. Coincidence?

    And y’all might just have to rename ITWAN to Manziel. Did you see that New York Times article trying to make us feel bad about him that ignored his domestic abuse and drug use? How do you blame the draft hype for Manziel on the same day he got indicted for beating the hell out of his girlfriend? For the second time. Has there even been a bigger ITWAN?

    Another great week and ain’t shit week. Oh that terrible Ibaka accent… But this is why I’m premium. And Justin I know you’re ready to be done with school but don’t let Rod leak these videos on your twitter account. You gotta take down the whole system like Nino Brown!

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