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Rod and Karen discuss people trying to tie HRC to Lemonade, Rosario Dawson brings up Monica Lewinsky, Searcy the lady who looks like Ted Cruz, Rachel Ray, Rachel Roy, Tidal, Clarence Thomas falls asleep, Birdman on the Breakfast Club, Ripa vs Strahan, Obama forgiving 400k people’s student loans, Kidz Cab, Obama on BLM, wife tears up weed money, boyfriend attacks lover after finding out she did porn and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Chuck8503

    Being from Louisiana, the state not the city. I grew up wit cash money records, never did i think that birdman would lose his bravado. In the 90’s ppl who spoke out against birdman usually got disappeared…
    he had the same reputation as the man from rap-a-lot(not typing his name). He still has respeck on his name, but birdman…… what happened to that boy…….

  2. Law

    The Beyhive did Rachael Ray like Macaulay Culkin in Stand By Me.

    Rachael ROY better not stray too far from bodies of water and keep some straws on deck.

  3. LongAShortA

    That Birdman confrontation reminded me of the time Bobby Brown screamed at my local Morning DJs for thirty minutes the morning after the NE reunion show. They made fun of him for mooning the crowd even though he didn’t use lotion and they made fun of Ronnie Devoe for setting fires at the hotel. Those joke spawn the retorts “Who cares if my ass was ashy? People likeded it~!” and “Meet me at the hotel at ten o’clock. BY YOSELF~!”. The Dj knew what that meant and told Bobby that he wasn’t trying to get jumped by Bobby and his boys. The best part of all of this was damn near everyone in town listened to the radio that day.

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