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PG 39: Keep The Money Janet Jackson

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Rod, Justin and Karen discuss getting a job, YMCA stories, Janet Jackson tour, Micheal K Williams, Da Juice, LHHATL and other stuff. From Balls Deep 4/8 taping

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  1. Sista_Soulja

    What’s up Rod and J “with the good hair”?

    Love y’all and Pre-Game is “mwah” as always.

    Here is my take on Janet Jackson and her ever-moving tour dates:

    As someone who was ABOUT TO buy Janet Jackson tickets, and who still has every intention of buying them, I know why people are mad.

    This is the SECOND time she has postponed this same tour. The first time was because she was “sick”.

    These tickets went on sale in July 2015 and she was scheduled to come to Oklahoma at the end of January 2016. The FIRST time she postponed, no one knew what was going to happen, but she ended up rescheduling for May 2016. Almost an ENTIRE year after the tickets went on sale.

    Now she is postponing AGAIN to have a baby?! Who knows how long that’s going to take. Best case scenario, if she is already pregnant then maybe like a year????

    So optimistically we are aiming for Summer of 2017. 2 years later. Who buys something and expects not to be able to use it for 2 years??? In 2 years, I could get married, have a baby, hell I could move out of the country.

    Janet is out of order for this. I know life gets in the way and by all means she should focus on her family, but biiiiiiitch if you don’t just cancel this tour and take this L, so people can have their money back.

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