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BDS 152: #TeamMiko


Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, the NBA Play-offs, Gaby Union, Johnny ITWAN, Laremy Tunsil gets hacked, Durant defends Wesbrook, Isiah Thomas, Skip Bayless leaving ESPN, Brittney Griner, Chyna, Sam Bradford, Suh skipping optional work outs,  no players tested positive for drugs at NFL combine, Deflategate, Thurman Thomas, Byron Scott fired, Jackson not going to Lakers, Jeff Van Gundy, NCAA compromise with North Carolina, Steph Curry heroine, former Browns’ GM, Curt Schilling, Miko Grimes, Broncos fans want Tebow back, Newton says he could’ve handled Super Bowl media better, Peyton commercial, men read disgusting tweets to women in sports, Iggy Azalea, Josh Norman, Kent Bazemore on Lebron, Paul George, Dwight Howard leaving Houston, Steve Smith goes to prom, Chris Bosh wants to play, Kings fans get tattoos, Draymond Green stands up for flood victims, Phil Jackson running his mouth, Dirk not retiring, Scott Brooks going to Washington, Tyronn Lue endorses Blatt, DeAndre Levy speaks on rape culture, Ray Lewis III accused of sexual assault and This Week In Mamba.

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  1. Will in Toronto

    Y’all hit the nail on the head with D.Wade.  I knew it was about to be some shit he was hitting 3s. The last few minutes of game 6 against Charlotte he reversed time and brought back prime “Flash” to make sure he wouldn’t have to be stuck in the house all summer with Gabby too early.  He scared as fuck to have to go back home. Lmfao.  Won’t be on any banana boats with the fellas this offseason.  Wade must be mad as shit that he don’t play football. At least that way when Gabby asks him to tell di troot about that nephew-son he could just reply “CTE”. 

    I know I ain’t shit but Hatin’ Azz Terrell Jones out here giving blueprints on making babies disappear is some next level shit. My god, man!  Somebody gotta pray for that man but I still need these jokes. 

    When the hell did y’all remix Ndamukong to Donkey Kong Suh? Musta did that before I got premium cause that shit is unforgettable.  I pray for y’alls sake that he doesn’t listen to this show because if he’ll kick the best QB in the head on camera on thanksgiving lord knows what he’d do to y’all.

    Dope show as usual!

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