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1194: The High Sanders


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Rod and Karen are joined by Kriss from Movie Trailer Reviews to recap Game Of Thrones.

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  1. Darienfoxx

    “Whatchu talkin bout Willis?”


  2. hirojashibe

    My Boo is Back ! Take that Olly.
    Anyways, I notice when Melisandra performing the great privileged of cleaning up Jon Snow’s body (which by the way could have had the overhead ceiling camera the entire time she was cleaning him, just saying) he had 7 Deep Cut Wounds in his body. Now there’s 7 Kingdoms, is this a foreshadowing on the part of the Show Writers that Jon is going to be on the Iron Throne, just saying.
    Have a Great Saturday Y’ll.

  3. csick

    When I was watching that High Sparrow speech I was thinking, “damn, he reminds me of Bernie right now”.
    When I saw the name of the podcast episode I knew you were thinking the same thing before I even started listening. That’s why I love this podcast.

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