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1200: I Love Jon Snow

jon snow angry game of thrones

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Rod and Karen are joined by Ms. Smart of the Whiskey, Wine and Moonshine Podcast to discuss a shady listener and then recap Game of Thrones.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Karen and Rod,

    Y’all don’t have to justify a motherfucking thing. We all see the bullshit these trolls are playing and it’s so whack. Y’all are the King and Queen for a reason, and please believe we’re going to show you that love back a thousand times. Nobody who’s paid attention to this show can think you don’t speak your mind Karen and I’ll be goddamn lie if I’ve heard you bite your tongue for anyone. This show wouldn’t work if the two of you didn’t flow together so well.

    It’s just so crazy to see all the mental backflips people go through to deny they have a problem with Black Women being themselves and happy. There’s so much jealousy that they’ve tried to code switch and hide themselves all their lives and they’ve still never been able to achieve a fraction of the success you two (and especially Karen) have by being your authentic self.

    Anyway, great recap as always. Y’all are the best in the business. I still need to know what Littlefinger is up to. All these Northern lords joining Ramsay, I know he’s not staying still. And if the Umbers know it wasn’t poison, you know Walder Frey does too.

  2. EvieE

    Karen, you were a lot calmer than I would have been. That girl was way outta line. And then she tried to walk that shit back. I just hope you know that the show would not be the same without you, Karen and that you’re loved and appreciated.


    Rod, why are you letting Karen speak for you. I feel like her voice is overshadowing you, my brotha! She is a Queen but you are DA KANG!!! I think that her……what’s the lady version of misogyny…..wo-sogyny? Yoncé-gyny? I’M TRYING TO SAVE Y’ALL!!!! AND WHY Y’ALL NOT HAVIN BLACK BABIES TOGETHER??!?!?!? I’m just asking a question.

    But seriously, I genuinely admire you guys’ relationship and Karen has had a strong voice on this show from day 1. There’s a difference between parroting each other and complimenting each other. You guys compliment each other really well. Karen has put me in check a few times with her perspective. I try to be a empathetic person to issues I have no perspective on but sometimes I think in a male privilege influenced way. Karen’s perspective gives me the important check I need and I truly respect her for that. I know you guys are going to be true to yourself without this input but I just wanted to say I value Karen’s perspective a lot. And you too Rod. Thank you for being you.

    Oh and RIP Shaggy Dog…and Rickon eventually.

  4. tygrallure

    Yessssssssss! Tell these hoes to put some respeck on your name when they speak it!

    It’s called being open minded. A part of communication is also being open minded to someone elses thoughts, opinions, and/or ideas. It’s a sign of intelligence and maturity, to be able to see, or like I like to say, “wrap my mind around” another person’s logic.

    Keep standing in your truth boo booooo!

  5. sugahbabe

    I saw that lady’s tweet and she def came at you froggy, Karen. Fuck her. You have every right to be pissed off. It’s amazing that almost every month Rod gets feedback where people say listening to the show has modified or completely changed their minds on certain topics. Does that make them ‘weak’? Why aren’t you afforded the same courtesy?
    What this lady misses is that changing your mind on things or topics doesn’t mean you are completely malleable. It indicates a willingness to listen and be open to seeing things from different perspectives or even changing your opinion when faced with facts. Also I’m not sure what world they live in where they want you to have shows debating every little disagreement to death?
    I’ve been around to see Karen evolve on calling herself a feminist. I understood her reluctance because I’ve been there and I also know that people process things at their own pace.

    Anyway, I got my life when Karen said on this episode: “This motherfucker right here?! I OWN THIS!! MY NAME IS ON THIS MOTHERFUCKER!!”
    EYE clutched ma chess and then leaned into the everlasting arms of King Bey-sus for support and castor oil because I almost lost my edges.

    We love and appreciate you, Karen. Motherfucking OWNER OF THE TBGWT.

  6. fiainros


  7. Forest

    On Karen, every once in a while, you have to educate people regarding who are you and how to approach you. Respect!

    On Dem Thrones, I think the old man may know that Bran can affect the past. I think that’s why he’s so quick to pull Bran out. I think he wants Bran to be more trained, before letting him get busy. He may want to protect Bran from making a major impact before he fully understands how the past connects to the present and the future.


      I agree. Because you saw his face when Bran called out to Ned. He was scared almost. I think we are going to see Jon Snow getting born in those visions. I think those screams were of childbirth.

  8. desiree

    Rant girl rant!!!! I love the when the normally low key Karen gets that fire and goes off, tell em woman! If ppl can’t get the fact that you’re open minded and thoughtful enough to consider all the information and possibly change your opinion based on said information, then they’re too stupid for you to waste your valuable time on. Love this show!

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