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BDS 154: The Drinking Game


Rod, Justin and Karen discuss the NBA Play-offs, listener feedback, Dave Joerger gets fired, Justise Winslow celebrates Mother’s Day, D Wade doesn’t stand for Canadian National Anthem, Reggie Lynch arrested for sexual assault allegations, Derek Fisher celebrates mother’s day with Gloria Govan, Dwight Howard, TJ McDonald arrested for DUI, Cam Newton gets a kid’s show on Nickelodeon, Tom Brady talks about CTE, Cromartie has twins, Tom Brady cook book, Las Vegas, Terron Beckham, Greg Hardy undergoing counseling, Serena ate dog food, MJ cry face, Clint Session, Adrien Broner and this week in Mamba.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod & Jam Master Jay

    Keeping it short this week, because I know that lit episode is going to be flooded with comments, but Rod called it again. The Cavs ain’t taking no prisoners in the playoffs. They’re doing to the east what everyone THOUGHT the Spurs were going to and just turning it on now that it’s go time. Even Kevin L is showing up.

    And I know you’re going to get to it in the articles, but that Baylor football coach gotta go. I can think of three or four stories you’ve read about them recently. The whole culture has to change. Especially for a private Baptist University. You can’t claim to be religious and then let shit slide because you’re winning football games. Thanks for the great show guys always appreciate y’all!

    P.S. Karen laughing about terrorist attacks with Jordan Cry Face took smooth me out.

  2. Selester63

    What Rod, Karen and J-Pierce, BDS 154 had me cracking the fuck up. That tequila had you negroes lit! LOL I love it. Congrats to Master J for graduating. I would like to see a rematch of the Cavs .vs Warriors in the NBA finals and so far it seems like that may happen. I know you guys saw that video of Jose Bautista getting cold clocked in the jaw by Rougned Odor (or as Bo calls him “Roughneck”). Bautista will definitely think twice before stepping to another player on the field. Justin are you salty at Michael Smith because he blocked you on twitter? C’mon man you’ve got to let it go, you can’t be hating on your fellow light-skin brethren like that LOL. You guys are the best, keep up the great work. Peace.

  3. rmiller728

    Congratulation J-Trill. I listened to the episode while walking on the track. I had to stop and laugh several times. Justin trying to give his wife direction/instruction at the end of the podcast had me DYING. Looking forward to the next podcast. Take care y’all!

  4. Wonga_5

    GREATNESS!!!!! had me laughing the whole time when i was listening at work.

  5. artesmith

    I don’t even know where to start you niggas are hilarious hands down the best 15 dollars I’ve ever spent

  6. Darienfoxx

    Dear Niggers,

    You should be ashamed of yourselves. Your behavior is an embarrassment to respectability politics AND I LOVE IT!! This is why I’m premium. The ratchetness, the petty, the drinking game that was doomed from the start…. I’m here for it all!

    Lord, why were there so many rules to that drinking game? Rod, when you listed all of the things that y’all would have to drink to,.I just strapped in and got ready for Drunk Deep Sports 2.

    I lost it when you were making fun of people talking about how today’s players couldn’t compete in the 90s. Michael Jordan getting a train run on him at halftime??? Laughed. My. Ass. Off. But you know what? If Steph played in the 90s, he would have gotten those dudes off fast and efficient just like his shot and been ready to rain 3s in the second half. Bet that. Not sure how he’d handle pistol whippings tho.

    and S/O to changing Kevin Ove to Kevin L. this week was just full of excellence.

    love the show as always.

  7. CanuckDuke

    What up BDS Crew? Congrats to Jay-ric Monroe on graduating, I’d say have a shot to celebrate, but y’all got on it. Thoroughly. I listened to this episode Friday at my desk at work and I swear it killed my productivity because I was floored at the freestyle cypher and comedy throughout the show. I guess I had tow comments on the show’s topics.

    1. Adrien Broner engaging in “High-Stakes” Bowling might be the most bootleg / bammafied thing I’ve ever heard. Broner is so bootleg it makes me wonder what his 30 for 30 would be titled. “Funny Money: The Adrien Broner Story”

    2. Not all Canadians talk like that you guys. Well, not where I’m at. Shit. LOL. I’ll also take the time here to apologize on behalf of my country for the play of DeRozan, Lowry and the release of “Views”



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